Monday, 29 October 2012


I'm sooooooooo bored. I have like the sleeping pattern of a child - when you want them to sleep they are wide awake, I was awake basically all night and now I am like 'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!'. Anyways so now it's half one and I'm listening to a cover of Justin Bieber's 'Baby' (can I just defend myself though?  It's a good cover. Here is the link Lemme know what you think!) and idk what to do with my silly little self so I thought... BLOG! (Usher - Yeah just came on... Oh yeaaaaaaaaah)

I have unhealthy obsession with books; if you left me in Waterstones' (with the apostrophe, hmph) for a night I would sit in one corner of the store and read my way through the night and be so pleased with myself and beg not to be taken out... but libraries are a little scary. Give me a book for any and all occasions and I am more than happy. Basically, I am weirdo who loves books. (Fergie - Glamorous is playing now).

Me and my Maa had a just over £1000 worth of books and nearly all of them had been read. Anyways, I thought seen as it's Autumn/Winter I would write up a list of top reads for the freezing seasons.

Now with this time of year I always find a good horror/thriller just the thing to settle down with on a cold, windy evening with a cup of hot chocolate and chocolate hob nobs :) Ohhhh Lana Del Rey - National Anthem... "You can't keep your hands off me or your pants on" LOL

So number one to start off the list...

1) Breakneck - Erica Spindler
This book makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. There aren't many deaths but it's just the wording and how the book is constructed  Kitt and Riggio have been through hell and back and are as close as partners can be. After a devastating blow, their worlds - professional and personal mare put to the test. They are looking for a cold blooded killer with an unclear motive. Will the deaths continue or will they find out how close to the bone this really is?

2) Dark Harbor - David Hosp
F***, is all I have to say. This book is immense. Death after death after death. Do not take this with a faint heart. It starts with a bang to say the least and that is just the prologue; Chapter One begins with the words "Her body was found..." tell me you are not already hooked? I was just glued to this read. Even at night and tbh I do not advise reading it at night! I love this book so much. Each of the 6 victims were prostitutes and her heart is cut out almost immediately after being brutally murdered however one of the doesn't quite fit the bill - she was a law student with prospects. Is this just the psychopath tripping up or is it a copycat? Seriously, read this book. Don't put it down until you finish it. It is too good. I would like just to clarify I am not a closet rapist/psychopath - I just like book where people die... okay that sounds worse... ummm...

3) Can't Let Go - Jane Hill
This is a story of how a secret can tear you apart, it haunts your every move, thought and moment. Lizzie went to America  just after she left school just like many girls do however she didn't come back the way most girls do: a little more mature, worldly and perhaps not a virgin but Lizzie came back Beth. The incident that took place on her holiday changed her to the very core. She tries to put it behind her, she builds a life but then things fall apart before her very eyes. Read this with a little caution - it is really quite graphic in places but not gory.

4) Suffer the Children - Adam Creed
It's slightly Dexter-ish. An identified peado is murdered in his own home- an event that seems to set of a domino effect of chaos all over London. He must explore the vile underbelly of The Smoke to get to the bottom of this case. Now, I had a little problem getting into this book - idk why I thought it may have been the writing style but once I did I was utterly devoted. I had to finish. Read it you won't regret it.

5) Nobody's Child - Micheal Seed with Noel Botham
This is book is the life story Micheal Seed. This book made me cry with nearly every single page. I could not put it down - no one could surely go through so much? The had to be a happy ending. There just had to be. Please if you read a book in your life make it this one. Even just by purchasing it you assist the NSPCC.

6) Leaving the World - Douglas Kennedy
This book tore me apart, put me back together and gave me a whole new outlook in life. I have never wept whilst reading a book like I did when I read this. How he manages to write so eloquently as a women I will never ever ever be able to comprehend. I was given this book by my mother at a time where that title grabbed her and refused to let go when she handed it to me we both had a mutual understanding of why. I knew she wanted to given me something that would never leave me and she did just that. I never have forgotten it. Read it. Believe me just do it.

7) Candlemoth - Roger Jon Ellory
This book is the last few moments of Daniel Ford in which he reiterates his life to a Father John Rousseau. It shows you the first time him and the man who he is accused of murdering first met as children, how they grew up together, when he became a man all the way through his life up until the day he is to be executed. The twist in it you do not see coming. Great read! Beautifully written.

8) Tambulaine Must Die - Louise Welsh
This is a very short book - I'd say it's a train ride book. It transports you to a time of the Plague, ale-houses and loyalty to the Queen could save your life. It is gothic, atmospheric, elegiac, fast flowing and you cannot put it down. I love it! If you have a spare few hours - read it.

9) The Perfect Husband - Lisa Gardner
This was actually bought for by my husband. It's kinda funny... in a scary way I suppose. But  I love this book. Gore. Horror. Suspense. It is just terrifyingly real. Its keeps you hostage until you have finished reading. Tess Becket - a good girl from an little town married Jim thinking he was going to be her knight in shining armour from her abusive father, he was going to love and care for her. Then he burns her most loved possessions as a punishment for any type of questioning. She soon begins to see him for what he really is and so do the police. He is convicted of the murder of 10 women. Mutilating, raping and leaving them to be found. She feels safe and is ready to start afresh until she finds out he isn't in a cell anymore- and he wants revenge. His escape starts a manhunt of impossible proportions because he is not just him - he takes on different peoples looks/lives just to commit his crimes. Will he really be able to fulfill the 'till death do us part' vow? I just want to say: Read it!!!!

10) The First Fingerprint - Xaiver- Marie Bonnot
This is a translation from english and tbf I can see why it was translated. It is so good. The twists and turns of this book are intense. What you don't know as oppose to do know i are what makes this book so compelling. Two bodies are found. Both women but that is where the similarites /connections seem to stop but De Palma doesn't agree. Digging a little deeper isn't an option - he must delve into a mystery that goes back as far as the Ice Age.

So these are my ten books! Sorry that the synopsis' are all a bit vague - if I start to talk I'll give the whole book away. Do yourselves a favor and just read them!

Are there any books that you love too? Did you like any of the ones in my list?



Thursday, 25 October 2012

Okay so...

Winter. I love winter. The cold air and finger-numbing wind is just a good excuse to bloody wrap up warm in a cozy blanket, big thick socks, a hot water bottle, put the heaters right up, watch shit t.v and eat food that makes you fat. 

Me and my Maa call it hibernation... I feel like that word ought have been a little more unique instead of a word that already is in use for the precise (more or less) meaning of what I just described... Okay, lets come up with a new one... How about humanation? Oh that sounds horrible, like some sort of cannibalism... This post is getting weird...

So yes, recently I have decided to maybe do something with my vast and mostly wasted time. These days I just sit around and mope about my plush (plush is such a good word, I'm almost certain it is onomatopoetic... although, it's probably really isn't).

Today, I have vowed to get all my housework done by 12pm - at the latest-  so I have the day to do... whatever my heart doth desire to do (I just sneezed 5 times in a row... T-T). 

Also I have pick'd up'th my noble charcoal and notepad and made an oath much like a commandment that went a little like this "THOU SHALT DRAW!!!" whilst standing upon my bed in a Napoleon-esque fashion... I am that sad, yes. I am not terribly amazing at drawing but it makes me happy to look at something I have done. I was given the creative side of the gene pool so I am good at writing, drawing, making up stories (although I am shite at lying- I always get caught) and being as unorganized as possible. My sister and brother were blessed with looks, charm, intelligence and weirdness - it's is a family trait, I'm serious. My family are point blank a little different to say the least; anyone to have met us have all said the same thing. I always get the same word banded around when I ask that stupid imperative you ask your mates once a year for f**** knows why but we do it - Describe me in three words. The first thing anyone in the history of my asking that question is 'unique'... *shudders* I have now begun to harbor such an utter and vast disdain for the word that any time it is used I make a face like a small Asian Hulk-ette.

Dudes... it's almost November. What is with that? It's odd thinking about it now but soon we will be making our new New Years resolutions just to abandon them by march all over again. This past year has been a hectic one. I have been through so many changes I can barely recognise myself when I look in the mirror. I feel like a different person altogether. My hair is much longer now, just at my knees. My skin has cleared up -I was one of those girls who had horrid problems with spots. I am a little taller and a little bit more feminine - I now actually look like a girl instead of a 12-year-old choir boy. I am far more relaxed and calmer in myself. I blame my husband for that. I remember one day in particular where he was in stitches but I was fuming in the oddest way - I was pissed off about being so chilled. I felt like if I was anymore laid back I would actually be lying down. I was beginning to find myself boring. So ( I just typed and retyped that single 'so' about 6 times because I couldn't get the s capital but the o was like 'hey I'm big!!!') naturally I did what any normal girl does... I rang my Maa. She told me that is what happens when you grow up you stop being a million miles an hour. Most of my friends if asked will probably say it was like I was on crack 24/7 I was always so hyper and full of life but now I'm just... just. It's cool in one way. Like I have absolutely nothing to worry about apart from what colour my nails are to be or how my hair may be styled even, if so. Idk I love being relaxed but sometimes I wish I could be a little louder.

I painted my nails the other day. I now have penguin nails. I'm not sure what to do next - is it too early to go all festive? Ohhhhhh it's Eid tomorrow maybe I should do something Asian-y, all glitzy with too much colour. Hmmm... Idk.

I seem to be using that sentence a lot  lately. "I don't know". It is annoying me. I don't like not knowing. Do you ever have those days/weeks/months where the world just seems to be passing you by? You don't know what day it is or what date it is just life is doing it's own thing and you're getting left behind. That was deep, man.

Anyways... I want orange juice so, Bye!


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

For you face...

Today is Tuesday... I don't like them either. My husband had a horrid reaction to a soap he used a while back but has been waiting for it to clear up alone... typical men, no?

"I don't need directions...". 
"I don't need the instructions!".
"I am fine; it'll go down on it's own".
That is man talk, just like woman talk it means the complete opposite.

I couldn't think of something to write about today so instead (not that I am a domestic goddess) I thought I would write up a recipe for really yummy pasta that I was literally just cooking. It's fast and easy as hell.

You will need:
- 1 tin of chopped tomatoes
- some grated cheese
- about 10 mushrooms
- pasta
- mixed herbs
- salt
- onion
- lemon juice
- mince/salami
- oil
- water

1- Put the pasta on boil in a pan and leave it to do it's own thing.

2- Whilst your pasta is a-cookin' cook the onions in a little oil until brown and then add the mince. Once done put it in a bowl and leave to one side.

3- Put the tomatoes in the pan. Add just a little lemon juice, however much cheese you want ( unless you are lactose intolerant...), a pinch of salt, a little water, mixed herbs and let that chill until it simmers then stir in the mince. Let that have a little chill time too.

Where is your pasta?

4 - While your pasta sauce is cooking check on your pasta if it's done then drain it, if not then just keep an eye :)

5- Grab your mushrooms! Now in a pan put a little oil, salt and mixed herbs and heat it a little- when ready add the mushrooms. Cook them until they are soft then just add them to the pasta sauce you got going on. Let it simmer at a low heat for a while or until it looks a little thick. If it looks like it's going to get dry/burn then just add a little water and keep letting it simmer.

6- Your pasta and sauce ought to be done by now! So mix it up. Make sure all the pasta has sauce on it. Take it off the heat, put the lid on and leave it while you get the table ready.

7- Plate up and OM-NI-NOM-NI-NOM... NOM-NOM-NOM!!! :B

You don't have to use mushrooms, you can use any vegetable or fungi ;) If you don't like cheese you can use maybe cornflour to thicken the sauce and it doesn't really matter what pasta you use. So easy, so quick and super easy to switch up :)

Happy cooking!

Anyways, lovelies my mister is still a little poorly and needs lots of hugs - you know dudes! But in his defence he is actually poorly :/


Monday, 15 October 2012


Ugh, it's Monday. I hate Mondays. Like the weekend is so good. Just duvets, sweets and having the hubby around all the time. I miss him when he is at work, like I know it's just 9-5 but it's I get all 'meeeeeeeeeeeehhhhh... I don't like this'. On t.v when I see couples kissing or like in music videos ( I have MTV on all day) I'm like *sigh* I want kisses now. Is it me or after a bad day you just want to fall into you man arms? I always used to say that a guy is the perfect height when- a girls head is in line with his chest and when she wears heels her lips are in line with his. I got my wish. OMG!!!!! The mister has told me I grew!! I have been like 5'3 since I was 16! I took to wearing heels after I got married just to feel a little taller. So yeah... I'm really happy... T-T"

Sundays are kinda awesome. Baths, cooking, clean sheets and the best bit... NEW NAILS!

Nail polish has been around since the Incas -they would decorate their nails with eagles and The Egyptians would use red henna. In the 19th century cookbooks had how-to-make tutorials in them for housewives. Actual polishes originated from China and were made of a number of natural substances. Nail polishes first as per tradition came in pink, clear, red and brown. French manicures were at their height in 1920-30s, black nails were adopted by goths and emos in the 70s. Nail stamps and stickers are a quick, easy and they last for ages.

From perfectly preened manicures to the super sexy chipped red or hot pink nail. Nails can be super simple, bold block colours or deadly detailed Nicki Minaj-esque ones. Nails are now seen as a form of self expression.

My nail obsession started just after my little sister was born. She was always a super girly girl so I would paint her tiny little nails. I first started painting my own all white apart from my ring fingers which I painted bright hot pink; as I got older my nails got more elaborate. I went through different coloured manicure, band initials on each nail in black over white paint, block colours and so on and so forth. I never really tried nail stickers or fake nails. I grow my nails long enough for them to constantly be mistaken for fake nails. I'm lucky.

Just a few examples!

Currently I am rocking the strawberry nails! I love doing them myself. After my nice long shower, I put the t.v on and the heaters then I lovingly paint my nails, taking as much time and as much effort as a man does whilst servicing their cars whilst my husband watches me over my shoulder. I spend hours trawling the Internet looking for new designs to do.

Youtube beauty channels cutepolish, SimpleLittlePleasues (yes I know it is spelt wrong- that's how they spell it) and Pixie Polish as far as I am concerned are the best. The tutorials are easy to follow and the designs are just so cute.   

Nail polishes and which are the best depends on who you talk to. I have a like modest 20 bottle strong collection of polishes, I love them all but they are all from different brands including Models Own, Nails Inc., Rimmel, Barry M, Revlon, Maxfactor and Boots' Natural collection.

Whats your favourite nail polish/colour?

Anywaaaaaaaaaaaaaays... I think you can tell I'm a bit meh... so yeah better go and eat gherkins... 
Oh yeah and sorry but the weekend is mine! So, no posts :(


Friday, 12 October 2012


Okay, so yesterday was the first time I got rained on in Leeds. I remember when I was younger writing some song, it had the lyric - 'walking thorugh the city as the skyline fades, walking through my mind, christen me with rain, newly baptized, I will love again'. I loved walking in the dark, wet evening unlike my husband who is a sun person. I love the rain, getting drenched in the rain is one of the little things in life that make me happy. However, I didn't actively go out just to get wet; I went to the opening launch of Topshop's 2nd Flagship branch in Leeds' new Trinity centre. Trinity looks like it's set to totally revamp the whole Kirkgate area, I wish they wold hurry up with it. Like a million square  feet of retail and restaurants is my idea of heaven.

Actually I think having mentioned that I must elaborate. Firstly, I have to say that Topshop have done really well. Not only is the branch just drop dead gorgeous but the collections they have in store are totally up to the minute and breath taking. I am loving the use of the khaki combat pattern. The tops seem to consist a hell of a embellishment, lace, collar, sequins and sleevelessness. Thier knit wear!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg, it is just awesome. If you get a chance have a look. If you like skirts then you will love what they have. If I'm honest the shoes are not to my taste - I mean I am a total wedge girl but the shoes they have are just weird looking and just not... just ugh, anyway. 

Secondly, I'm going to have to talk about Pixie Geldof. She was DJ-ing... I mean it's a good thing she has Violet (her band) because ouch! When I walked in she was stood over the decks not touching them and biting her nails... She was basically just making a playlist. None of the songs were mixed, the had no connection or flow but while I was there she did play some good tracks including Jay-Z's Bonnie and Clyde plus she had proper old school decks so I think she can be slightly forgiven. 

The venue was packed out with wanna-be fashionistas, make-up slathered teens and guys who had been brought to pay for their girls shopping spree and secretly wanted to check if Pixie Geldof is weirdly hot or just weird. The funny thing was there seemed to be a dress code; all the girls were either dressed as Miss Geldof herself with the big coats and beenie hats or just as little runway models. At one point I thought I was being stalked by these three girls,  every time I looked around they were there - in their massive green trench, big Dr. Martins and stupid beenies. They all looked like different shades of each other. Originality, were has it gone? Leeds has it's own annual fashion show (which coincidentally is sponsored by Trinity) , it has like the 2nd largest everything outside of London so how is it that the girls managed to all look the same? I just don't get it.

I realized something yesterday... every wish my Maa made for me came true. Yesterday, after I got bored I got hungry so we went to grab a bite and I really needed something greasy (I'm having the oddest cravings lately). So, Chicken Cottage it was. I'm sat there with my husband, while it poured down with rain, eating chicken nuggets and chips smothered in chilli sauce, laughing and talking. I had my leg hooked in his and he was swinging our feet, FLAVA was playing random tracks but nothing could have been more perfect.That moment was so perfect to me.

Idk why it was, I mean my husband is forever taking my to expensive restaurants and the cinema. He is planning an amazing holiday for next year. He is taking me to the ballet for Christmas; even though he hates men in tights and thinks ballet is pretentious and stupid. He always takes me on special nights out and we always have a great time but yesterday evening was the best one.

We walked home in the pouring rain, I was smiling that whole time, getting more and more soaked. I got my blue heels wet but it still didn't upset me, I was so happy.

What random things make you happy?


Bye, dudes.


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Top Ten Favorite Things

Atm I am loving totally loving...

1) Lush's Happy Hippy Shower Gel -

This stuff is made up of grapefruits and it is just so amazing. It fills the bathroom up with such a yummy, citrusy smell! It is the best thing to wake me up anytime of the day, it is so uplifting and fun. I love it! The smell is so lasting and almost edible. It makes the most amazing lather that is super silky and it leaves your hair so soft and ├╝ber- squeaky clean! It doesn't dry your hair out or leave a weird residue like some lush products do. It's packaging is made up of recycled plastic so you can use a little extra hot water in the shower to keep the world in balance!

2) VO5 treat me right hair mask (rinse out deep conditioning treatment)

IT SMELLS LIKE SHERBET!!!!! ...and it has avocado, argan, apricot, jojoba and grape seed oil so it is super replenishing. It is so awesome. It leaves my hair sooooooooooooooooo amazingly silky, soft and shiney!!!!!!! I love it so much. It totally helps with my split ends. The tub says to keep it one for 3 minutes-ish but I spend a lot more time massaging it into my hair so that may be why but yeah it is awesome, I mean I have used loads from Henara to the entire Elvive range but this one is working the best for me atm. It also seems to add a little bounce/volume!

3) TREemme Liquid Gold Restorative Complex

This also smells like sherbet (okay, I like sherbet... there is a recurring theme) but this oil is so light and it just absorbs into the hair so well. I have super long hair so I have to use 3 times the advised amount but I use it after a shower or before styling or even after and for those days I wanna get real crazy - all three oh, and for touch ups but seriously it's like a angel cried on my head or something. I love it - once my hair is dry I don't stop touching it and smelling. Yes, I smell my own hair... :/

4) Oh, Lola - Marc Jacobs

Now, perfumes are something I take very seriously. I change them with my life. I've gone through a few and I wear perfume everyday like my life depends  on it. I was a little girl who's Maa wore Chanel No.5 and idk about other little girls mummy's who wore Chanel No.5 but you remember that smell as you grow up and it gives you such a fuzzy feeling. But it also gives you a sense of appreciation when it comes to fragances. So, yeah, what I mean it never wear a perfume just because it smells nice, make sure it blends with all of the products you use, make sure it suits your personality and even your own personal body musk. Anyway, getting back to Oh, Lola... This is the perfume I wore the day I got married and everyday since. It has hints of strawberry, roses and vanilla - it's just this super yummy warm, summery, fruity, floral smell. It totally suits me, I'll be sad when I have to change it.

5) Nivea Invisible Black & White

Now, I first used roll-ons when I was younger but then I realised that it sucks, irritates my skin and gets on my clothes. I don't exactly stink like a rotting onion but I get a little sweaty like anyone and I just like to make sure I don't stun my husband with my stench. I love this deodorant- it works so gently but well. It's not as cold as some sprays and doesn't darken your underarm like some do. I am yet to find any staining from it, as far as I know my husband doesn't use me as a smell salt sub in the morning to wake up and it has never irritated my skin, ever. Give it a sray, ladies!

6) Illegal Length - Maybelline NY

For years I swore by Bourjois Ultra Curl and Benefit's BADGal Lash but this was something I was really happy with. It doesn't clump or flake like some do.  It lengthens and adds volume so well. Sweep upwards a few times for just length and wiggle between lashes for volume. It just works so well. Give your lashes a battering of this and flutter away!

7) Kiwis
Idk what it is about them - whether it is how funny they look or because they taste like sour strawberries to me but I love them. They are super good for you with a high level vitamin C, a good amount of potassium just like bananas and some say they help with blood clots! They keep for like nearly 2 weeks but then again I keep them in the fridge because I think they taste even better cold. But they are good for you and tbh they are a change from your usual banana, apple and such. I think we get a bit too used to certain fruits. I mean passionfruit is so good for you as well, just as easy to store and keep for just as long but when was the last time you had one...? And it doesn't count if it's in an innocent smoothie :)

What else can I write about?



NUMBER 8!!!!!!!!! Ahem... I mean...

8) Braun Silk epil 7

Okay... Epilators do have a bad name... and yes, if you did do a real-life ad with the real sounds it would sound like the Texas chainsaw massacre movies but, BUT,BUT! They are amazing. I am a convert and I will never go back. I have tried waxing (professional and at home), nair (which is better than veet tbh), veet (or imaac as it was called) and shaving (DON'T DO IT, LADIES!) but my epilator is my beauty must have. It has made my already thin hair just barely even there. I use it on my legs and underarms and just uh! It is amazing. It has lightened my underarms, I rarely have to use it and the best bit is my one is wet and dry! Ladies, if my ever so very amazing skills of persuasion have made you think 'Hmmmm... I wanna try it' then I have some advice.

- Prepare yourself. It make a scary noise like the mouth of Hell and it does hurt the first few times but no more than the first time you threaded or waxed  I'd say less and I am a wuss.
- Right, you have a low pain thresh hold but I wouldn't really advise you to start off with a lower tweezers count and then work up but the only thing with that is you end up with a few that you don't need - you could ebay or amazon them but it's just better to go in feet first! Get a good one - Braun, Phillips and Emjoi seem to be the best according to loads of Youtube clips from beauty chicks!
- Epilate after your bath/shower and make sure you exfoliate because with epilating you can get a few ingrown hairs.
- Try not to use a moisturizer staright after let your skin chill for a bit or apply a little baby power and then wipe it off and use lotion or whatever.

Happy hair removal!

9) Milk shakes
I am in love with Nesquiks chocolate mixy milkshake with ice cold full fat milk. It's refreshing and good for me. Do it. Instead of a coffee at Starbucks get a glass and put 3 heaped teaspoonfuls of milkshake power in, however much coffee you like and pour ice cold milk. Mix till its all dissolved and add two ice cube, a straw and ENJOY! When it gets colder I'll teach you how to make a Moncha!

10) Jelly
Rowntrees do so many different flavors! It's fun to make jelly, idk why but it just so is. It makes me feel like a little girl when I eat one of the cubes before I make the jelly. Plus everytime you open the fridge you get this yummy smell. It's a good snack - jelly isn't really fattening and it fills you up! I think it just gives that little kid inside you a hug. When did you last eat jelly? And what flavor was it?

So thats my top ten done and I have two bathrooms to clean so I am going to have to love you and leave you!



Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Layers: Yummy fluffy wearable clouds

Okay, having cooked something for the hubby to eat I find that I have some time on my hands so I thought I would write another blog :)

So having raved about skinnies I will now start on fluuuuuuufy angora blend jumpers and just big jumpers.

OMG they are a heaven sent!! The only thing I will stress is before wearing them- wash them good and thorough  at 30 degrees with a good fabric conditioner because for sensitive skin they can be a nightmare and cause a horrible strange looking rash that is terribly itchy so yeah, wash and wear is my advice.

The jumpers are usually a blend of angora wool and polyamide. The percentages differ depending on the item. Angora wool is the wool of the angora rabbit - these rabbits are farmed for their wool but as far as my research goes they seem to be like little hopping sheep, the wool is simply shaved off and they spend the day hopping about and eating. So I don't know whether it's like animal cruelty or not.

I have like 3 angora items so far. I have a deep red cardigan from River Island's L'Art collection which (17%), the pale pink jumper from H&M's Lana Del Rey collaboration (70%) and another grey one from their basics range (17%). At first I thought maybe it was like the more the angora wool in the peice then it itchier is is - I was totally wrong but it is cozier :)

For some reason I think that these amazing wearable clouds ought to stay plain - I have seen some designs with studs or like collar detail but they just seem to look a bit... meh.

The annoying thing about them is they do malt for a little while :/ It is a bit odd. You find it in your hair and it get all over the carpet. I found just getting a lint brush or even some blue tack and just going over your jeans or what ever else clothing it is on will clear it up best BUT do not put the blue tack on the jumper like I did T-T

I put a top underneath just to keep warm and add a little extra colour as well but you don't have to. I find with the jumpers it's good to go with skinnies, jeggings or leggings. Idk I don't think they look good with skirts and such.

Everywhere from Asda to French Connection as selling them so you can add them to your wardrobe and not break the bank.

Anyways, I cannot think of much more to say so........... BYE!


Layers: Skinny bitches ;)

So I am so glad that autum/winter is here!

Dressing with layers is so much more fun, you can really create a proper look. Soft yummy angora jumper with a long vest/tee teamed up with skin tight jeans and awesome wedges. Even nail varnish looks cooler, I mean in summer I try to edge towards block colours and bright ones. Hmmmm... I think this blog can be about skinnies.

At the moment I am loving skinny jeans in soft uninterrupted colours like uber cute pastels, although I always hated statement jeans. However, sweethearts when I say skinny, I mean almost sprayed on- I hate jeans that don't cling to my tiny bird like frame.

I find skinny jeans are best fitting and affordable from places like Primark and H&M. Tbf, Primark jeans are super skinny as the promise I love it and if they don't fit (which is only ever so often) they only need a few dyer spins and Voila! they are the perfect fit. I have a huge probailmo with the fit of jeans as I am a size 0-6 but primark are so good with sizes. The jeans come in so many different colours- currently I am rinsing a pair my Maa got for me. 

They are a cotton/ polyester/ elastane blend and it so works, they feel like they have silk in and so go with the season - well, a mon avis, plus they cling like crazy - not in a weirdo ex but in a caring mate , like ' these are your legs and I will love them by covering them in my softness ' :) They go with everything! I love them with pastel cotton tees and big soft angora fluffy jumpers or even a super cute embellished peter pan collared top, peplum tops are a defo too basically anything.

I recently - although against my better judgement- purchased white jeans. Yes, white T-T I know. But in my defence my husband said I would look nice in them so I agreed to it - I mean everyone has a pair of a jeans they regret buying but... I LOVE THEM! I really do! I was glued to them for a few weeks until I realised nearly every time I had met the misters friends I was wearing the same jeans :/ not good. They just work. Idk if it's just me but they do work. I love them with darker shades though like plums and cobalt but they do go with light colours if you want a fresher look.

Black skinny jeans are always a wardrobe must :) it's like the little black dress of our generation!  They can be worked with a cutsie look or totally grunged down to look rock. I love my black jeans. Oh my gosh, I practically lived in my 4 pairs of them up until I got married. I mean even on my wedding day I wanted to just shove them on under my choli for the after party! But I gracefully donned a pale grey tight as hell tee and light blue jeans to kind of vaguely match my husband's (cheesy, I know).

I must dash. I have cooking and cleaning to get on with before the mister gets back.



Okay, so as far as I can ever remember (since I was 13) I have always wanted to start a blog.

I saw girls in sixth form at the lesbian training ground I went to sitting in the library writing their blog about idj  while I was on playing the idiot test. I just never thought that I had anything interesting to say or that anyone would ever care about what I say - tbh just about everyone I know filters what they hear when I am talking, which tbf I don't really blame them; I mean I am repetitive and I do have a tendency to exaggerate to the nth degree... But hey, ho! I have finally plucked up the courage to write a blog.
Leave comments, give suggestions and spread a lil' love :)

Now, whether it will be good or not I can't say.

Keep reading.

Mon x