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I'm sooooooooo bored. I have like the sleeping pattern of a child - when you want them to sleep they are wide awake, I was awake basically all night and now I am like 'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!'. Anyways so now it's half one and I'm listening to a cover of Justin Bieber's 'Baby' (can I just defend myself though?  It's a good cover. Here is the link Lemme know what you think!) and idk what to do with my silly little self so I thought... BLOG! (Usher - Yeah just came on... Oh yeaaaaaaaaah)

I have unhealthy obsession with books; if you left me in Waterstones' (with the apostrophe, hmph) for a night I would sit in one corner of the store and read my way through the night and be so pleased with myself and beg not to be taken out... but libraries are a little scary. Give me a book for any and all occasions and I am more than happy. Basically, I am weirdo who loves books. (Fergie - Glamorous is playing now).

Me and my Maa had a just over £1000 worth of books and nearly all of them had been read. Anyways, I thought seen as it's Autumn/Winter I would write up a list of top reads for the freezing seasons.

Now with this time of year I always find a good horror/thriller just the thing to settle down with on a cold, windy evening with a cup of hot chocolate and chocolate hob nobs :) Ohhhh Lana Del Rey - National Anthem... "You can't keep your hands off me or your pants on" LOL

So number one to start off the list...

1) Breakneck - Erica Spindler
This book makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. There aren't many deaths but it's just the wording and how the book is constructed  Kitt and Riggio have been through hell and back and are as close as partners can be. After a devastating blow, their worlds - professional and personal mare put to the test. They are looking for a cold blooded killer with an unclear motive. Will the deaths continue or will they find out how close to the bone this really is?

2) Dark Harbor - David Hosp
F***, is all I have to say. This book is immense. Death after death after death. Do not take this with a faint heart. It starts with a bang to say the least and that is just the prologue; Chapter One begins with the words "Her body was found..." tell me you are not already hooked? I was just glued to this read. Even at night and tbh I do not advise reading it at night! I love this book so much. Each of the 6 victims were prostitutes and her heart is cut out almost immediately after being brutally murdered however one of the doesn't quite fit the bill - she was a law student with prospects. Is this just the psychopath tripping up or is it a copycat? Seriously, read this book. Don't put it down until you finish it. It is too good. I would like just to clarify I am not a closet rapist/psychopath - I just like book where people die... okay that sounds worse... ummm...

3) Can't Let Go - Jane Hill
This is a story of how a secret can tear you apart, it haunts your every move, thought and moment. Lizzie went to America  just after she left school just like many girls do however she didn't come back the way most girls do: a little more mature, worldly and perhaps not a virgin but Lizzie came back Beth. The incident that took place on her holiday changed her to the very core. She tries to put it behind her, she builds a life but then things fall apart before her very eyes. Read this with a little caution - it is really quite graphic in places but not gory.

4) Suffer the Children - Adam Creed
It's slightly Dexter-ish. An identified peado is murdered in his own home- an event that seems to set of a domino effect of chaos all over London. He must explore the vile underbelly of The Smoke to get to the bottom of this case. Now, I had a little problem getting into this book - idk why I thought it may have been the writing style but once I did I was utterly devoted. I had to finish. Read it you won't regret it.

5) Nobody's Child - Micheal Seed with Noel Botham
This is book is the life story Micheal Seed. This book made me cry with nearly every single page. I could not put it down - no one could surely go through so much? The had to be a happy ending. There just had to be. Please if you read a book in your life make it this one. Even just by purchasing it you assist the NSPCC.

6) Leaving the World - Douglas Kennedy
This book tore me apart, put me back together and gave me a whole new outlook in life. I have never wept whilst reading a book like I did when I read this. How he manages to write so eloquently as a women I will never ever ever be able to comprehend. I was given this book by my mother at a time where that title grabbed her and refused to let go when she handed it to me we both had a mutual understanding of why. I knew she wanted to given me something that would never leave me and she did just that. I never have forgotten it. Read it. Believe me just do it.

7) Candlemoth - Roger Jon Ellory
This book is the last few moments of Daniel Ford in which he reiterates his life to a Father John Rousseau. It shows you the first time him and the man who he is accused of murdering first met as children, how they grew up together, when he became a man all the way through his life up until the day he is to be executed. The twist in it you do not see coming. Great read! Beautifully written.

8) Tambulaine Must Die - Louise Welsh
This is a very short book - I'd say it's a train ride book. It transports you to a time of the Plague, ale-houses and loyalty to the Queen could save your life. It is gothic, atmospheric, elegiac, fast flowing and you cannot put it down. I love it! If you have a spare few hours - read it.

9) The Perfect Husband - Lisa Gardner
This was actually bought for by my husband. It's kinda funny... in a scary way I suppose. But  I love this book. Gore. Horror. Suspense. It is just terrifyingly real. Its keeps you hostage until you have finished reading. Tess Becket - a good girl from an little town married Jim thinking he was going to be her knight in shining armour from her abusive father, he was going to love and care for her. Then he burns her most loved possessions as a punishment for any type of questioning. She soon begins to see him for what he really is and so do the police. He is convicted of the murder of 10 women. Mutilating, raping and leaving them to be found. She feels safe and is ready to start afresh until she finds out he isn't in a cell anymore- and he wants revenge. His escape starts a manhunt of impossible proportions because he is not just him - he takes on different peoples looks/lives just to commit his crimes. Will he really be able to fulfill the 'till death do us part' vow? I just want to say: Read it!!!!

10) The First Fingerprint - Xaiver- Marie Bonnot
This is a translation from english and tbf I can see why it was translated. It is so good. The twists and turns of this book are intense. What you don't know as oppose to do know i are what makes this book so compelling. Two bodies are found. Both women but that is where the similarites /connections seem to stop but De Palma doesn't agree. Digging a little deeper isn't an option - he must delve into a mystery that goes back as far as the Ice Age.

So these are my ten books! Sorry that the synopsis' are all a bit vague - if I start to talk I'll give the whole book away. Do yourselves a favor and just read them!

Are there any books that you love too? Did you like any of the ones in my list?



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