Tuesday, 16 October 2012

For you face...

Today is Tuesday... I don't like them either. My husband had a horrid reaction to a soap he used a while back but has been waiting for it to clear up alone... typical men, no?

"I don't need directions...". 
"I don't need the instructions!".
"I am fine; it'll go down on it's own".
That is man talk, just like woman talk it means the complete opposite.

I couldn't think of something to write about today so instead (not that I am a domestic goddess) I thought I would write up a recipe for really yummy pasta that I was literally just cooking. It's fast and easy as hell.

You will need:
- 1 tin of chopped tomatoes
- some grated cheese
- about 10 mushrooms
- pasta
- mixed herbs
- salt
- onion
- lemon juice
- mince/salami
- oil
- water

1- Put the pasta on boil in a pan and leave it to do it's own thing.

2- Whilst your pasta is a-cookin' cook the onions in a little oil until brown and then add the mince. Once done put it in a bowl and leave to one side.

3- Put the tomatoes in the pan. Add just a little lemon juice, however much cheese you want ( unless you are lactose intolerant...), a pinch of salt, a little water, mixed herbs and let that chill until it simmers then stir in the mince. Let that have a little chill time too.

Where is your pasta?

4 - While your pasta sauce is cooking check on your pasta if it's done then drain it, if not then just keep an eye :)

5- Grab your mushrooms! Now in a pan put a little oil, salt and mixed herbs and heat it a little- when ready add the mushrooms. Cook them until they are soft then just add them to the pasta sauce you got going on. Let it simmer at a low heat for a while or until it looks a little thick. If it looks like it's going to get dry/burn then just add a little water and keep letting it simmer.

6- Your pasta and sauce ought to be done by now! So mix it up. Make sure all the pasta has sauce on it. Take it off the heat, put the lid on and leave it while you get the table ready.

7- Plate up and OM-NI-NOM-NI-NOM... NOM-NOM-NOM!!! :B

You don't have to use mushrooms, you can use any vegetable or fungi ;) If you don't like cheese you can use maybe cornflour to thicken the sauce and it doesn't really matter what pasta you use. So easy, so quick and super easy to switch up :)

Happy cooking!

Anyways, lovelies my mister is still a little poorly and needs lots of hugs - you know dudes! But in his defence he is actually poorly :/


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