Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Layers: Yummy fluffy wearable clouds

Okay, having cooked something for the hubby to eat I find that I have some time on my hands so I thought I would write another blog :)

So having raved about skinnies I will now start on fluuuuuuufy angora blend jumpers and just big jumpers.

OMG they are a heaven sent!! The only thing I will stress is before wearing them- wash them good and thorough  at 30 degrees with a good fabric conditioner because for sensitive skin they can be a nightmare and cause a horrible strange looking rash that is terribly itchy so yeah, wash and wear is my advice.

The jumpers are usually a blend of angora wool and polyamide. The percentages differ depending on the item. Angora wool is the wool of the angora rabbit - these rabbits are farmed for their wool but as far as my research goes they seem to be like little hopping sheep, the wool is simply shaved off and they spend the day hopping about and eating. So I don't know whether it's like animal cruelty or not.

I have like 3 angora items so far. I have a deep red cardigan from River Island's L'Art collection which (17%), the pale pink jumper from H&M's Lana Del Rey collaboration (70%) and another grey one from their basics range (17%). At first I thought maybe it was like the more the angora wool in the peice then it itchier is is - I was totally wrong but it is cozier :)

For some reason I think that these amazing wearable clouds ought to stay plain - I have seen some designs with studs or like collar detail but they just seem to look a bit... meh.

The annoying thing about them is they do malt for a little while :/ It is a bit odd. You find it in your hair and it get all over the carpet. I found just getting a lint brush or even some blue tack and just going over your jeans or what ever else clothing it is on will clear it up best BUT do not put the blue tack on the jumper like I did T-T

I put a top underneath just to keep warm and add a little extra colour as well but you don't have to. I find with the jumpers it's good to go with skinnies, jeggings or leggings. Idk I don't think they look good with skirts and such.

Everywhere from Asda to French Connection as selling them so you can add them to your wardrobe and not break the bank.

Anyways, I cannot think of much more to say so........... BYE!


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