Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Layers: Skinny bitches ;)

So I am so glad that autum/winter is here!

Dressing with layers is so much more fun, you can really create a proper look. Soft yummy angora jumper with a long vest/tee teamed up with skin tight jeans and awesome wedges. Even nail varnish looks cooler, I mean in summer I try to edge towards block colours and bright ones. Hmmmm... I think this blog can be about skinnies.

At the moment I am loving skinny jeans in soft uninterrupted colours like uber cute pastels, although I always hated statement jeans. However, sweethearts when I say skinny, I mean almost sprayed on- I hate jeans that don't cling to my tiny bird like frame.

I find skinny jeans are best fitting and affordable from places like Primark and H&M. Tbf, Primark jeans are super skinny as the promise I love it and if they don't fit (which is only ever so often) they only need a few dyer spins and Voila! they are the perfect fit. I have a huge probailmo with the fit of jeans as I am a size 0-6 but primark are so good with sizes. The jeans come in so many different colours- currently I am rinsing a pair my Maa got for me. 

They are a cotton/ polyester/ elastane blend and it so works, they feel like they have silk in and so go with the season - well, a mon avis, plus they cling like crazy - not in a weirdo ex but in a caring mate , like ' these are your legs and I will love them by covering them in my softness ' :) They go with everything! I love them with pastel cotton tees and big soft angora fluffy jumpers or even a super cute embellished peter pan collared top, peplum tops are a defo too basically anything.

I recently - although against my better judgement- purchased white jeans. Yes, white T-T I know. But in my defence my husband said I would look nice in them so I agreed to it - I mean everyone has a pair of a jeans they regret buying but... I LOVE THEM! I really do! I was glued to them for a few weeks until I realised nearly every time I had met the misters friends I was wearing the same jeans :/ not good. They just work. Idk if it's just me but they do work. I love them with darker shades though like plums and cobalt but they do go with light colours if you want a fresher look.

Black skinny jeans are always a wardrobe must :) it's like the little black dress of our generation!  They can be worked with a cutsie look or totally grunged down to look rock. I love my black jeans. Oh my gosh, I practically lived in my 4 pairs of them up until I got married. I mean even on my wedding day I wanted to just shove them on under my choli for the after party! But I gracefully donned a pale grey tight as hell tee and light blue jeans to kind of vaguely match my husband's (cheesy, I know).

I must dash. I have cooking and cleaning to get on with before the mister gets back.


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