Friday, 12 October 2012


Okay, so yesterday was the first time I got rained on in Leeds. I remember when I was younger writing some song, it had the lyric - 'walking thorugh the city as the skyline fades, walking through my mind, christen me with rain, newly baptized, I will love again'. I loved walking in the dark, wet evening unlike my husband who is a sun person. I love the rain, getting drenched in the rain is one of the little things in life that make me happy. However, I didn't actively go out just to get wet; I went to the opening launch of Topshop's 2nd Flagship branch in Leeds' new Trinity centre. Trinity looks like it's set to totally revamp the whole Kirkgate area, I wish they wold hurry up with it. Like a million square  feet of retail and restaurants is my idea of heaven.

Actually I think having mentioned that I must elaborate. Firstly, I have to say that Topshop have done really well. Not only is the branch just drop dead gorgeous but the collections they have in store are totally up to the minute and breath taking. I am loving the use of the khaki combat pattern. The tops seem to consist a hell of a embellishment, lace, collar, sequins and sleevelessness. Thier knit wear!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg, it is just awesome. If you get a chance have a look. If you like skirts then you will love what they have. If I'm honest the shoes are not to my taste - I mean I am a total wedge girl but the shoes they have are just weird looking and just not... just ugh, anyway. 

Secondly, I'm going to have to talk about Pixie Geldof. She was DJ-ing... I mean it's a good thing she has Violet (her band) because ouch! When I walked in she was stood over the decks not touching them and biting her nails... She was basically just making a playlist. None of the songs were mixed, the had no connection or flow but while I was there she did play some good tracks including Jay-Z's Bonnie and Clyde plus she had proper old school decks so I think she can be slightly forgiven. 

The venue was packed out with wanna-be fashionistas, make-up slathered teens and guys who had been brought to pay for their girls shopping spree and secretly wanted to check if Pixie Geldof is weirdly hot or just weird. The funny thing was there seemed to be a dress code; all the girls were either dressed as Miss Geldof herself with the big coats and beenie hats or just as little runway models. At one point I thought I was being stalked by these three girls,  every time I looked around they were there - in their massive green trench, big Dr. Martins and stupid beenies. They all looked like different shades of each other. Originality, were has it gone? Leeds has it's own annual fashion show (which coincidentally is sponsored by Trinity) , it has like the 2nd largest everything outside of London so how is it that the girls managed to all look the same? I just don't get it.

I realized something yesterday... every wish my Maa made for me came true. Yesterday, after I got bored I got hungry so we went to grab a bite and I really needed something greasy (I'm having the oddest cravings lately). So, Chicken Cottage it was. I'm sat there with my husband, while it poured down with rain, eating chicken nuggets and chips smothered in chilli sauce, laughing and talking. I had my leg hooked in his and he was swinging our feet, FLAVA was playing random tracks but nothing could have been more perfect.That moment was so perfect to me.

Idk why it was, I mean my husband is forever taking my to expensive restaurants and the cinema. He is planning an amazing holiday for next year. He is taking me to the ballet for Christmas; even though he hates men in tights and thinks ballet is pretentious and stupid. He always takes me on special nights out and we always have a great time but yesterday evening was the best one.

We walked home in the pouring rain, I was smiling that whole time, getting more and more soaked. I got my blue heels wet but it still didn't upset me, I was so happy.

What random things make you happy?


Bye, dudes.


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