Thursday, 25 October 2012

Okay so...

Winter. I love winter. The cold air and finger-numbing wind is just a good excuse to bloody wrap up warm in a cozy blanket, big thick socks, a hot water bottle, put the heaters right up, watch shit t.v and eat food that makes you fat. 

Me and my Maa call it hibernation... I feel like that word ought have been a little more unique instead of a word that already is in use for the precise (more or less) meaning of what I just described... Okay, lets come up with a new one... How about humanation? Oh that sounds horrible, like some sort of cannibalism... This post is getting weird...

So yes, recently I have decided to maybe do something with my vast and mostly wasted time. These days I just sit around and mope about my plush (plush is such a good word, I'm almost certain it is onomatopoetic... although, it's probably really isn't).

Today, I have vowed to get all my housework done by 12pm - at the latest-  so I have the day to do... whatever my heart doth desire to do (I just sneezed 5 times in a row... T-T). 

Also I have pick'd up'th my noble charcoal and notepad and made an oath much like a commandment that went a little like this "THOU SHALT DRAW!!!" whilst standing upon my bed in a Napoleon-esque fashion... I am that sad, yes. I am not terribly amazing at drawing but it makes me happy to look at something I have done. I was given the creative side of the gene pool so I am good at writing, drawing, making up stories (although I am shite at lying- I always get caught) and being as unorganized as possible. My sister and brother were blessed with looks, charm, intelligence and weirdness - it's is a family trait, I'm serious. My family are point blank a little different to say the least; anyone to have met us have all said the same thing. I always get the same word banded around when I ask that stupid imperative you ask your mates once a year for f**** knows why but we do it - Describe me in three words. The first thing anyone in the history of my asking that question is 'unique'... *shudders* I have now begun to harbor such an utter and vast disdain for the word that any time it is used I make a face like a small Asian Hulk-ette.

Dudes... it's almost November. What is with that? It's odd thinking about it now but soon we will be making our new New Years resolutions just to abandon them by march all over again. This past year has been a hectic one. I have been through so many changes I can barely recognise myself when I look in the mirror. I feel like a different person altogether. My hair is much longer now, just at my knees. My skin has cleared up -I was one of those girls who had horrid problems with spots. I am a little taller and a little bit more feminine - I now actually look like a girl instead of a 12-year-old choir boy. I am far more relaxed and calmer in myself. I blame my husband for that. I remember one day in particular where he was in stitches but I was fuming in the oddest way - I was pissed off about being so chilled. I felt like if I was anymore laid back I would actually be lying down. I was beginning to find myself boring. So ( I just typed and retyped that single 'so' about 6 times because I couldn't get the s capital but the o was like 'hey I'm big!!!') naturally I did what any normal girl does... I rang my Maa. She told me that is what happens when you grow up you stop being a million miles an hour. Most of my friends if asked will probably say it was like I was on crack 24/7 I was always so hyper and full of life but now I'm just... just. It's cool in one way. Like I have absolutely nothing to worry about apart from what colour my nails are to be or how my hair may be styled even, if so. Idk I love being relaxed but sometimes I wish I could be a little louder.

I painted my nails the other day. I now have penguin nails. I'm not sure what to do next - is it too early to go all festive? Ohhhhhh it's Eid tomorrow maybe I should do something Asian-y, all glitzy with too much colour. Hmmm... Idk.

I seem to be using that sentence a lot  lately. "I don't know". It is annoying me. I don't like not knowing. Do you ever have those days/weeks/months where the world just seems to be passing you by? You don't know what day it is or what date it is just life is doing it's own thing and you're getting left behind. That was deep, man.

Anyways... I want orange juice so, Bye!


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