Thursday, 11 October 2012

Top Ten Favorite Things

Atm I am loving totally loving...

1) Lush's Happy Hippy Shower Gel -

This stuff is made up of grapefruits and it is just so amazing. It fills the bathroom up with such a yummy, citrusy smell! It is the best thing to wake me up anytime of the day, it is so uplifting and fun. I love it! The smell is so lasting and almost edible. It makes the most amazing lather that is super silky and it leaves your hair so soft and ├╝ber- squeaky clean! It doesn't dry your hair out or leave a weird residue like some lush products do. It's packaging is made up of recycled plastic so you can use a little extra hot water in the shower to keep the world in balance!

2) VO5 treat me right hair mask (rinse out deep conditioning treatment)

IT SMELLS LIKE SHERBET!!!!! ...and it has avocado, argan, apricot, jojoba and grape seed oil so it is super replenishing. It is so awesome. It leaves my hair sooooooooooooooooo amazingly silky, soft and shiney!!!!!!! I love it so much. It totally helps with my split ends. The tub says to keep it one for 3 minutes-ish but I spend a lot more time massaging it into my hair so that may be why but yeah it is awesome, I mean I have used loads from Henara to the entire Elvive range but this one is working the best for me atm. It also seems to add a little bounce/volume!

3) TREemme Liquid Gold Restorative Complex

This also smells like sherbet (okay, I like sherbet... there is a recurring theme) but this oil is so light and it just absorbs into the hair so well. I have super long hair so I have to use 3 times the advised amount but I use it after a shower or before styling or even after and for those days I wanna get real crazy - all three oh, and for touch ups but seriously it's like a angel cried on my head or something. I love it - once my hair is dry I don't stop touching it and smelling. Yes, I smell my own hair... :/

4) Oh, Lola - Marc Jacobs

Now, perfumes are something I take very seriously. I change them with my life. I've gone through a few and I wear perfume everyday like my life depends  on it. I was a little girl who's Maa wore Chanel No.5 and idk about other little girls mummy's who wore Chanel No.5 but you remember that smell as you grow up and it gives you such a fuzzy feeling. But it also gives you a sense of appreciation when it comes to fragances. So, yeah, what I mean it never wear a perfume just because it smells nice, make sure it blends with all of the products you use, make sure it suits your personality and even your own personal body musk. Anyway, getting back to Oh, Lola... This is the perfume I wore the day I got married and everyday since. It has hints of strawberry, roses and vanilla - it's just this super yummy warm, summery, fruity, floral smell. It totally suits me, I'll be sad when I have to change it.

5) Nivea Invisible Black & White

Now, I first used roll-ons when I was younger but then I realised that it sucks, irritates my skin and gets on my clothes. I don't exactly stink like a rotting onion but I get a little sweaty like anyone and I just like to make sure I don't stun my husband with my stench. I love this deodorant- it works so gently but well. It's not as cold as some sprays and doesn't darken your underarm like some do. I am yet to find any staining from it, as far as I know my husband doesn't use me as a smell salt sub in the morning to wake up and it has never irritated my skin, ever. Give it a sray, ladies!

6) Illegal Length - Maybelline NY

For years I swore by Bourjois Ultra Curl and Benefit's BADGal Lash but this was something I was really happy with. It doesn't clump or flake like some do.  It lengthens and adds volume so well. Sweep upwards a few times for just length and wiggle between lashes for volume. It just works so well. Give your lashes a battering of this and flutter away!

7) Kiwis
Idk what it is about them - whether it is how funny they look or because they taste like sour strawberries to me but I love them. They are super good for you with a high level vitamin C, a good amount of potassium just like bananas and some say they help with blood clots! They keep for like nearly 2 weeks but then again I keep them in the fridge because I think they taste even better cold. But they are good for you and tbh they are a change from your usual banana, apple and such. I think we get a bit too used to certain fruits. I mean passionfruit is so good for you as well, just as easy to store and keep for just as long but when was the last time you had one...? And it doesn't count if it's in an innocent smoothie :)

What else can I write about?



NUMBER 8!!!!!!!!! Ahem... I mean...

8) Braun Silk epil 7

Okay... Epilators do have a bad name... and yes, if you did do a real-life ad with the real sounds it would sound like the Texas chainsaw massacre movies but, BUT,BUT! They are amazing. I am a convert and I will never go back. I have tried waxing (professional and at home), nair (which is better than veet tbh), veet (or imaac as it was called) and shaving (DON'T DO IT, LADIES!) but my epilator is my beauty must have. It has made my already thin hair just barely even there. I use it on my legs and underarms and just uh! It is amazing. It has lightened my underarms, I rarely have to use it and the best bit is my one is wet and dry! Ladies, if my ever so very amazing skills of persuasion have made you think 'Hmmmm... I wanna try it' then I have some advice.

- Prepare yourself. It make a scary noise like the mouth of Hell and it does hurt the first few times but no more than the first time you threaded or waxed  I'd say less and I am a wuss.
- Right, you have a low pain thresh hold but I wouldn't really advise you to start off with a lower tweezers count and then work up but the only thing with that is you end up with a few that you don't need - you could ebay or amazon them but it's just better to go in feet first! Get a good one - Braun, Phillips and Emjoi seem to be the best according to loads of Youtube clips from beauty chicks!
- Epilate after your bath/shower and make sure you exfoliate because with epilating you can get a few ingrown hairs.
- Try not to use a moisturizer staright after let your skin chill for a bit or apply a little baby power and then wipe it off and use lotion or whatever.

Happy hair removal!

9) Milk shakes
I am in love with Nesquiks chocolate mixy milkshake with ice cold full fat milk. It's refreshing and good for me. Do it. Instead of a coffee at Starbucks get a glass and put 3 heaped teaspoonfuls of milkshake power in, however much coffee you like and pour ice cold milk. Mix till its all dissolved and add two ice cube, a straw and ENJOY! When it gets colder I'll teach you how to make a Moncha!

10) Jelly
Rowntrees do so many different flavors! It's fun to make jelly, idk why but it just so is. It makes me feel like a little girl when I eat one of the cubes before I make the jelly. Plus everytime you open the fridge you get this yummy smell. It's a good snack - jelly isn't really fattening and it fills you up! I think it just gives that little kid inside you a hug. When did you last eat jelly? And what flavor was it?

So thats my top ten done and I have two bathrooms to clean so I am going to have to love you and leave you!



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