Friday, 2 November 2012

Ten things you should go do right now

1) Do you always find your hair everywhere? I have such long hair and it gets everywhere. After a shower I clean the drain so it's hair free. Ladies, men hate hairballs plus it's just super gross so why not right now just go and check your drain to see if it's hair free and not looking like the mouth of a cat after a licking!

2) Tip boiling hot water down each one of your drains.
Seriously, I do this once a week. It just ensures that your plugs are smell free and flow normally. You know that every once in a while where your plug gets blocked and you need to call in a plumber and he finds God knows what down your pipes. You clean your kitchen work surface so why not your drains?

3) Do me a favour - get up, go to your kettle and check if there is a layer of limescale. If there is then grab your lemon juice, tip a load into the kettle along with water and boil it a couple of times, adding a little more lemon juice each time. Tip it all out and do it again until it's all gone. It'll keep your kettle alive for longer!

4) Clean your microwave! FFS! What is it with people not cleaning their microwaves!? It is gross!! You put food in their duuuuuuuuuudes!!! Keep it clean! Would you put food on a dirty plate? It is so easy- just grab a microwaveable bowl add water to it lemon juice, a little surface cleaner and just microwave it for about 10 minutes and just wipe clean. It literally could not be any easier!

5) Go to your beloved shoe collection and give them a wipe. You have no idea what a simple clean does to a pair of shoes. It's all they need to last a little longer and they just look nicer.

6) Your makeup bag is your best friend, no? So when was the last time you cleaned it out. I guarantee you right now if you go tip it out on your bed you will find eyeliner sharpening, random lids, cotton buds, maybe a wipe or two, empty/dried up tubes of mascara and bits of just stuff that you don't even know what they are. Get your bottle of Dettol out, splash some on a towel and give each and every one of your bits of makeup and then wipe your damn makeup bag so it's free of black streaks and orange smears. You'll thank me.

7) When was the last time you cleaned your laptop/computer? You do know it harbors more than your toilet, right? Basically, you are touching your own ass and everything else that goes down your toilet. Niiiiice. You are a minger.

8) Are all your DVD's in the right boxes? No? Then go freaking do it, please. It's stupid.

9) Your medicine cupboard? How is it looking? A mess right. Just give it a little Dettol love and re-organising. It'll look so much nicer.

10) Go give all of your dishtowels a good soaking a washing. Please? I mean you wipe your hands on it. Just keep it clean.

Anyways, having sounded like a complete OCD freak I am now gone to do some cooking. :)



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