Monday, 11 February 2013

I felt like a princess :)

OMG!! I like literally have the best husband on the entire planet. Every single one of my sad little dreams he seems to make come true. Getting my name changed (My old name was not name it's a 14-tonne fucking title), having black square plates (don't ask me why), having a lifesize cut out of Miranda Hart in my kitchen... I'm serious. And ever since I was a little girl I wanted to go to the Ballet but I never told anyone because I was a little tomboy. I was the little girl in the class that spent her playtime having spitting contests with the boys and kicking ass. I wore cricket jumpers, t-shirts, boys shoes and jeans pretty much all the time - it took my Maa everything she had to get me into dresses. It wasn't until I was much older I became girly and like I said before it's only been a little while that I have even looked like a girl, much to my husbands benefit - 12-year old choir boy is not a good look... Wait that sounds really bad... Especially with all the pedo shit going around anyway... urgh... If I have offended anyone - SORRY! 

So yeah getting back to the topic: I have always wanted to go to the Ballet and one late night whilst on the phone to my husband in the many months that we spent 237 miles apart I told him this and the first chance he got he booked us tickets to see the Nutcracker and the Northern Ballet in Leeds.

Now, my husband is a 'mans man' if you will - masculine, strong, well-mannered, polite, stern, confident, persuasive, honest, he rarely ever swears, he admits error or fault, has big character and is very heterosexual (but will act a little camp to make me laugh) and Ballet is not his thing at all, he thinks it's pretentious, camp and weird  but just to see the smile on my face he was more than happy to take me to the Ballet.

Okay, sorry my thoughts are all over the place and I am not really making any sense, it's just I'm so excited! 

I will start from the beginning of our day...

We got up and even though we are Muslim we do absolutely love Christmas and we decided it would be cute to decorate the home a little - nothing crazy, just fairy lights and a little tinsel plus a few pink leaf things as makeshift mistletoe because I'm probably allergic to it (I'm allergic to everything) since the kids aren't coming and me and the hubby are a little miserable about it. 

So we went out and when we got back we did the house up and this is what it looked like:

Our wedding photos.

I made those snowflakes :B

This is Boxy and Coney :)

This is the lifesize cut out of Miranda I have.

This is a pole in my living room... It was boring so I put tinsel on it.

Again my snowfalkes and ESSSSHPEAKER with a tinsel bow...Buble was playing :(

TV... n/m to say...

Super cute pic my husband took of the skyline :)

My makeshift mistletoe... thats another wedding collage canvas.

Okay so by then it was about 6-ish and I thought it was a good idea to maybe start getting ready for the ballet... It took a while but here is the finished result...

I curled my hair using this Youtube tutorial for no-heat curls... Here's the link - it's such a good trick, my hair as you can see is long and curler/curling tongs seem to come loose so quick unless I use an entire can of hairspray and my hair HATES hairspray. Maybelline lipstick which I kiss-proofed (I'll tell you how if you're good!), my eyeliner was as natural as I could get it - I have massive eyes so makeup makes me look like some sort of Looney Tunes reject. My dress an M Butteryfly from a few seasons back - I love an excuse to wear a dress or dress up :) White jeans and a grey cardi with my black heels :) Simple and cute. I felt like a little princess.

So then we were off to the Ballet... It was a little rainy and I am not good at walking in 6-inch heels whilst it's raining, I'm not very good at it anyway. So all the way there I am smiling like an idiot and then we got to the Leeds Grand Theatre and Opera House... From the outside it's very unassuming and then you walk in and there is this very beautiful staircase, each stair is covered in this thick red plush carpet that is heaven if you are in heels ;) The Leeds Grand Theatre was built in 1878 - this year it celebrated it's 134th birthday, it took 13 months to build and cost just over £60,000. George Corson was the architect in charge but tbh I think he had a little thing going on with his assistant James Robertson Watson because the assistant had a big influence on the design of the building (or maybe he just was taking advantage of the fact that Watson had worked on multiple theatres and churches around Europe). I like the first one. It's a grade 2 listed building. We got into our seats in the (I think) Dress circle and settled down. The theatre has an approximate capacity of 1,500 and that night it was packed out and a little toasty to say to least...

Here is the view we had from our perfect seats:

The ceiling!!!
 You can't see it clearly but it is so damned detailed! It's just so beautiful! The chandelier is drop dead gorgeous! It's actually removable and lower-able (beautiful AND practical - my kinda chandelier), it was taken down for the Phantom of the Opera production as they wanted to use their own (WHY?!) and it was transported all the way to Birmingham and stowed there! The Chandelier is lowered down for cleaning and for that you can actually get into the ceiling - cool, right?

The staging was immense.

Okay... This isn't finished yet but hey! When it's done I'll edit it.

Ice cream and Pears... *dribble on chest*

Okay so I was trying to find a way to make my 5-a-day super yummy and not so healthy (hehehee) and I came up with this. It's really easy and quick but so so so good.

You will need:
- a pair of pears (hahahaa pair, pear. I know I'm lame... my 12 year old sister spend as many seconds as she can telling me I am)
- a bag of sugar (I have nothing funny to say about sugar...)
- molasses (I just spent 3 minutestrying to figure out how to spell it... then I gave up and goggled it)
- butter (it really doesn't matter what butter)
- ice cream (I think vanilla works best but I'm sure praline and cream, chocolate or whatever would go well)
- oven proof dish
-preheat your oven

Step one

- slice your pear into slices or chunks which ever you are comfortable with :) place them into your oven proof dish. Put a teaspoon of butter on each of the slices and then a good dousing of sugar and then half teaspoons of molasses on top.

Step two

- put the pears into the oven and wait about 15 mins. It should go all soft and smell like heaven. It'll go brown and may crisp around the edges but it will taste like an angel has just been sent down to you.

Step three

- grab your favorite bowl and put a good scoop or two of whichever ice cream you have chosen and then place your cook pears on top and drizzle the yummy sticky sauce on and nom.

I was so in love with it I made it again straight after and ate it again and the first chance I got I made some for my husband.

It can be styled up to look pretty or just for you when it's raining out and you just want something sweet and yummy.



Skinnnnnnnnny bitch food.

Idk why but I haven't really wanted to blog. I've had loads of ideas mostly food related... I'm trying to put weight on so all I've been thinking about is food.. Mmmm... Fooooooooood... I've always been a really fussy eater. My Maa was always trying to find ways to get me to eat. She tried giving me more food after a certain amount of time, she tried giving me treats every time I ate quickly, she tried everything she ever could but she just couldn't get me to like and eat food as I got older I just made it worse. Refusing to eat, hiding food, skipping meals where ever and when ever I could. I made myself quite ill, now I'm a good little girl and I try to eat regular meals and snack as much as I can, I drink water all the time so I'm doing better.

So, yeah as in past posts I have mentioned that I am not exactly the domestic goddess I like to pretend I am - my cooking is based on quick and easy. So I came up with this sardine and potato dish. It is so easy and so filling. This serves one.

You will need:
- a tin of Sardines (oily or tomatoey... eww toma-TOEY...toes)
- lemon juice (bottled or freshly squeezed... )
- mixed herbs (you can get them in a shaker pot from like every supermarket)
- 2 or 3 relatively big potatoes (normal or blue ;D)
- salt (normal, sea or you can make some from the tears you have cried out of laughter you have wept reading my amazing blog)
- ground pepper (I have no funny comment to make here)
- oil (vegetable, olive, rapeseed - why is it called that, it's a horrid name, palm, soybean, sunflower, peanut, corn... umm... I can't think of anymore.. can you?
- baking tray (cookies later?)
- an oven proof dish bowl thing (if you don't have one you can make one out of foil very easily- it saves up on the washing, same goes for baking tray actually)
- preheat your oven (quite high, I just put it on full)

Step one 
- grab your sardines, if you are using oily ones drain the oil as must as you can by just squeezing the lid down and holding it over the kitchen sink... or your room mates bed, if you are using tomatoey ones then just tip them into you oven proof dish (makeshift or real) and then tip as much lemon as you like on, sprinkle some mixed herbs on it and then some salt and you are done!

Step two
- your potatoes need to be cut like into relatively thick slices, then cut in half and half again so you have little potato quartery things. Or whatever shape you please. Then wash them in a colander or bowl or whatever and then dry them in a tea towel (they need to be dry!) Then drizzle whatever oil you have/like be generous - everything needs a good coating, then a a sprinkling of mixed herbs and salt and mix it all up so everything is all nicely coated and even.

Step three
- put them both in the oven. It doesn't take long about 15 mins for the sardines and 23.2mins for the potatoes. The sardines just need a turning over once or twice and if it looks a little dry just add a little more lemon or tinned tomato depending on what you are using. The potatoes need turning and mixing to make sure they cook evenly when they look a little golden, take a chunk that looks kinda bigger than the rest and just cut it open to check if it's cooked- it should be quite fluffy inside and a little crispy outside.

Step four
- Plate up and nom - it couldn't actually be any simpler. Yummy and easy.

Seriously this is so easy. It can be switched up to be really fancy by just changing the fish you used and seasoning it a bit different. 

Anyways, enjoy.