Monday, 11 February 2013

Ice cream and Pears... *dribble on chest*

Okay so I was trying to find a way to make my 5-a-day super yummy and not so healthy (hehehee) and I came up with this. It's really easy and quick but so so so good.

You will need:
- a pair of pears (hahahaa pair, pear. I know I'm lame... my 12 year old sister spend as many seconds as she can telling me I am)
- a bag of sugar (I have nothing funny to say about sugar...)
- molasses (I just spent 3 minutestrying to figure out how to spell it... then I gave up and goggled it)
- butter (it really doesn't matter what butter)
- ice cream (I think vanilla works best but I'm sure praline and cream, chocolate or whatever would go well)
- oven proof dish
-preheat your oven

Step one

- slice your pear into slices or chunks which ever you are comfortable with :) place them into your oven proof dish. Put a teaspoon of butter on each of the slices and then a good dousing of sugar and then half teaspoons of molasses on top.

Step two

- put the pears into the oven and wait about 15 mins. It should go all soft and smell like heaven. It'll go brown and may crisp around the edges but it will taste like an angel has just been sent down to you.

Step three

- grab your favorite bowl and put a good scoop or two of whichever ice cream you have chosen and then place your cook pears on top and drizzle the yummy sticky sauce on and nom.

I was so in love with it I made it again straight after and ate it again and the first chance I got I made some for my husband.

It can be styled up to look pretty or just for you when it's raining out and you just want something sweet and yummy.



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