Monday, 20 May 2013

My Summer Without Makeup

Okay so when I was about 13 I started wearing makeup, much to my mothers chagrin! But yeah tbh I needed it not only was I short and dark skinned but I had terrible skin, braces and glasses and I was weird.

Anyway, it started off as just mascara then slowly I added foundation... the power foundation.. then pencil eyeliner.. then liquid. I had always had 10 different mascaras, kohls, eyeliner (liquid and pencil) and the rest of the freaking range basically the whole nine yards. I tried fake eyelashes. I remember once I was an art project for a friend! I was quite proud of this! LOL Anyway, so she got the most ridiculous leopard print neon blue and black eyelashes you have ever seen and put them on me she put my hair up in this elaborate bun, made me wear these massive crazy glasses and this gorgeous statement necklace. I looked stupid as fuck but she took the pictures and edited them so it was really pop art. It came out so good and she got a really good grade for it! What I am trying to say is I got really obsessed in make up. I wore it 24 hours a day. I didn't feel safe or confident without it. It was like my armor. I had to wear it and this caused havoc with my skin as you can probably guess. 

After a good few years later and I started tone it down. So no fluid foundation but still powder and I still wore a tube of mascara and a pencil of eyeliner everyday, this carried on for a while. Then again I took it down a few more notches - no more powder foundation and then I just switched from liquid eyeliner or mascara and sometimes both... okay mainly both and like a quarter of a tube of it but that is still less than I used to wear! Then I got with my hubby... I spent few days with his family and that was the first time in a long time I hadn't worn makeup for consecutive days! But it was a start. After I got married I tried to tone it down even more, not wearing makeup unless I was going out or was bored and wanted to take pictures, sometimes even not wearing it at all.. but I would whine the whole time. Being inside and letting my skin breath has helped my skin so much - it's more clear than it has been in 7 years... Gosh I feel old... Anyways, so that was me up until maybe two weeks ago!

Picture it, beginning of May and the sun is out, (yes, the sun! Remember those few day we had of sun? Urgh) and I think I will get my wifey on! I make up a little picnic for me and the hubby to enjoy down by the river after he gets back from work. So there we are on the grass and I randomly decided to have a summer without makeup... well to an extent.

So I'm going pencil eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and liquid eyeliner free. My plan is to only wear lip tint, factored lip balm and powder foundation, but the power foundation is only to keep my factor fifty sunscreen from looking shiny and running everywhere! My eye makeup fetish all these years seem to have be a very stupid thing now I think about it. Everyone I have ever met has told me that I have cool eyes. Like I always thought my eyes were really big and stupid cuz I got called names like bug face and bush baby. But over the months my husband has convinced me that my eyes are pretty and I have figured out that with a good set of eye lash curlers that I have quite long eyelashes that don't particularly need mascara or eyeliner.

So yeah! I've decided that I'm not wearing makeup which is shocking. My maa was quite pleased she thinks I'm pretty and my husband says he's not too fused he loves me with or without but I know deep down he likes being able to just see his little wife just the way she is.

These are my first steps to loving my skin and by extension myself. I was never a confident girl but hey, 20 is a big number and I think it's time for a for a few changes

Ladies, contrary to popular feminine belief we are beautiful just as we are and lads think we look better without our 4 inches of makeup, painfully straight hair, lingerie-esque clothing and stripper heels.

Would you be able to go a whole summer without makeup?

Anyways, as always,



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