Thursday, 16 May 2013

Relationships are a second job, dude.

Relationships are hard. It's no fun if you have a smooth ride. You need to be tested and so you can get to know each other.

Little things like nagging or teasing can end up having quite a big impact like I don't understand why the hell the toilet seat being up or down is such a massive thing. Like why? It's not that hard to put it down, true but if it's not that hard to put it down then why are you complaining? Who cares? It's a toilet seat, not a biohazard or anything. Thankfully me and the hubby have deprecate bathrooms but either way it wouldn't annoy me. It's like you need it that way, fine. Even after I've cleaned the bathroom I put the toilet seat back up. 

Ladies, find something else to whine about.

And like I know on the days I have an 'episode' or my allergies get up I do OCD clean but most of the time it's like w/e and I like that my hubby finds it cute and loves our home being clean. He gets happy when I've been all wifey and cleaned but he never complains how much I clean or how much cleaning fluids I get through. Plus he is really good at cleaning - when I'm having a lazy day or am poorly. He gets everything done! He even mops the floor and dettols everything because he knows I love the smell. Lads so what if your women cleans obsessively, how would you feel if she don't clean at all? No clothes, dirty home, you'd be okay with that? No, you'd call her a slob. So stfu. 

Any idiot that says romance or love isn't lust or the butterflies or the slushiness or the presents - its the day to day stuff is wrong. It's all of that, the day to day detail and the slushy, crazy stuff too. It's the way you melt when they hold you. It's the feeling you get when you see them... Even if it is at four am and they look as though they have somehow dislocated their jaw and have a dead sloth on their head, with no makeup and they are fighting off the monsters that has hold of their leg in their dream. A present is a physical representation that they listen and know you. That moment when you have to kiss. That feeling you get when you wake up in their arms. The way they do your toast. The way they try new things just because of you. It's everything and when a small bits stops vein there that is when things start to fall apart and you get one side that is unhappy. When one person stops trying that's when you get a bad relationship.

Anyways, what makes your relationship strong?



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