Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Facial Scrubs!

So the past few days have been hot as hell! It's been ridiculous!! It's literally been like steaming! My husband loves the heat but even for him it was hot. I was literally melting! Sweating like crazy lol! Glad I've had my Dove Go Fresh in Cucumber and Green Tea deodorant, I didn't stink like a onion that had been left out in the sun and it cooled me down a bit too! Ugh I swear heat isn't my thing I would much rather have a duvet and a hot water bottle. 

The worst thing about me is probably that I have the homeostasis of a new born baby. My body has no idea when it's hot or cold! It just gets confused. My Maa thinks it's because I was a prem baby, that and I was a very ill child when I was younger. Anyways, with the heat and sun I've obviously had to bump up the sunscreen and foundation so it's been clogging the fuck out of my skin! I have really sensitive skin that cannot take anything. It's so thin! I get cuts and bruises at the slightest thing. So I have to be really careful with what I use on it. One of the things that is the hardest to find is a scrub that I can use. I thought I would do a my top ten of facial scrubs and what skin type they are good for! So lets start.

Now I have used a lot of facial scrubs in my teenage years but out of all of them the one that worked the best for me is one that I made. Yup, made. 

So my number one has to be: Two table spoons of sugar, a squirt of golden syrup and a few drops of lemon juice - best facial scrub I have ever used. The sugar scrubs all of the dead skin away, the golden syrup seems to moisturize really well and the lemon cleans. If my skin feel a little out of kilter oil wise I switch it up so 2 tablespoons of salt, half a teaspoon of turmeric and a few drops of lemon - do not get this on anything because it will stain. It seems to totally sort my skin out. when I lived in Bangladesh my uncle would by me fresh turmeric and the girls that look after me who mush it into a paste for me and I would use it as a mask - it helped my complexion and it helped with my breakout. 

2. Clearasil Vitamins and Extracts Exfoliating Scrub - this is so good it's got things like Avocado, Pomegranate and Vitamin E - Pomegranate is such an amazing antioxidant, it has anti-inflammatory properties and apparently it even helps with cancer prevention, Avocado is the perfect moisturizer, it even helps even out your complexion and then we have Vitamin E with it's antioxidant fighting and skin renewal qualities!

3. Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub - the sea salt is so such a good exfoliant!! It has lime essential oil and fresh grapefruit infusion for like the antiseptic/zingy/clean feeling and then we have the other side which is the yummy moisturizing side with avocado butter, extra virgin coconut oil, lanolin, seaweed absolute and violet leaf absolute. I love this I got through like a tub of this stuff in like a month!

4. Body Shop Vitamin C Mircodermabrasion - this has ultra fine crushed garnet which is a type of crystal and loads of vitamin C, it helps with the production of collagen, is an antioxidant and helps repair skin. I love this stuff! Give it a try if you have dry skin.

5. Clean and Clear Black Head Clearing Scrub - this is a really basic, reliable, good scrub. You can't really go wrong with it. It uses microbead technology to buff away the dead skin and then the special added ingredient - Salicyclic acid, it isn't as scary as it sounds, you get it in berries, seeds, nuts, even mushrooms! It basically works as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. I used this when my skin was having a settled time.

6. St Ives Apricot Face Scrub  - this is such a freaking good scrub! It's got Apricot (antioxidant and nourishing), corn kernel meal and walnut (perfect exfoliants). I literally love this, when I first started breaking out and having really bad skin problems my Maa got me this and it was soooooo good! Give it a go if you're a scrub virgin. Great for oily skin!

7. Benefit "Honey, snap out of it" scrub - OMG I love Benefit. Their makeup makes me just die. I love it. This scrub was a random buy and it was so good.  It smells amazing, this is moisturizing perfection and it exfoliates so damn well. Use it. Do it!

8. Simple Spotless Skin Blackhead Eliminating Scrub - you see results from the first day! I really love it! It uses Zinc to absorb all your excess oil, Chamomile as an anti-inflammatory and Witch Hazel to tighten your pores and it's antibacterial too! Great for breakouts!

9. Garnier 3-in-1 Wash + Mask + Scrub - As the name says it triples up, I think this is why I like it so much, when I need deep cleansing I can use it as a mask, I can use it daily as a wash and the days when I have a blackhead attack I can scrub those bitches!

10. Keraskin Olea Gel Scrub - the gel is so hydrating, it gives your skin such a soft feeling, it has crushed apricot stones which I love anyway! It's a bit on the expensive side but it's worth it! If you have the cash and want to spoil yourself do it!

So that was my list of facial scrubs! Anyways, I have Ramadan cooking to do!

Anyways, how are you enjoying the sun?



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