Tuesday, 16 July 2013

WTF. Random.

I swear that the Tetley Brewery is actually a giant crack den. It's so shifty looking. Me and the hubby seem to say the same thing over and over again about people with power or money - they seem to have literally the worst PR team/legal teams. Like that building was built in the 1700 so it's really old, right? Really old building have a name - listed buildings. Do you not think that someone would have checked the paperwork when it was being sold to a bunch of investors who I am guessing have people to check their paperwork, right? But it wasn't until they started taking apart did anyone notice that the building happens to be a freaking listed building and then they started putting it back together... Or so I have been told.

And like I'm not sure why but... Boris Johnson makes me cry. Like if I see him on T.V I actually cry, which makes watching Russel Howard's Good News very hard. I don't know what it is about him but I get really tearful. Once I cried because I couldn't kick a Costa cup over as it was up on a wall that was about 3 foot taller than me. Idk why I'm such a tearful person, it is so stupid. 

Why is my Sky so shit lately? Like it won't live pause, it won't foward or rewind. It's so annoying. Like ugh Kim Kardashian makes the best crying faces and I can't pause them to laugh at or like random things that are so funny that I want to take a picture of it. I think the best one was when I was watching BINTM and they had one of the girls narrating and it cut to her and I paused it cuz I needed to answer the phone and the face she was pulling was so unbelievably hilarious. It was just ironic - a model making a fucking funny face. Oh wait I need to look at it now... *picks up phone, click, slide, type password, tap photos, scroll to random album, scroll, scroll, scroll, select and... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!* Ahem... okay, I'm back. Wait you need to see this. 

Okay maybe I find it funnier than it is but literally I cannot contain myself. I have a pic of my hubby that is similar, just cracks me up so bad. Why do bendy buses exist? They are so stupid. They just block intersections and annoy people by doing so. Which idiot looked at a bus and thought... Hmm... I want to make you bendy. Does anyone else remember Emeli Sande's sweat patch from the Olympics? Dude that was like some industrial grade right guard shit that only fat (due to being a greedy git, not genetic or thyroid issues), neanderthal, hairy men from a village in outer most heberdies of no where use. She did a performance with Labrinth (is that seriously the right way of spelling it?) and he was on the other side of the stage like she must really have an odor issue. Sorry, I'm in such a random mood and I felt like putting it down on a screen, to see how it comes across... it seems very odd to read back. Hey! Why do people get offended when people use the word gay? Like I say it all the time but I have a great respect and tolerance for the LGBT community. But I use the words gay alot, I'm asian too and I say asians smell when like my whole family and like friends (bar my little onion sibling) that are asian and don't actually smell. I don't smell. My husband never smells gross?!?! It's so strange! Like even when he sweats it doesn't smell. He always smells nice and clean. It is so confusing. Like sometimes I hug him to smell him but he doesn't smell. Even in this weather he smells nice :/

I need to go shopping and do some cooking now so bye!!!!

What is the most random thing you have said?

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