Saturday, 28 September 2013

Hearts burst into fire- BFMV

OMG I am so ever so very sorry about the absence!

Gosh I've been kinda busy and super lazy. I've recently found Leeds library and am totally obsessed in it. I have always loved libraries - Reading Library was my first sanctuary, back in 2011 my favourite way to calm down was to grab a crappy cup of coffee from the vending machine upstairs, after having spending at least a good hour just wandering the shelves and aisles looking at books, then going behind the library to this bit that has like a gradient of stair and then at the bottom it has a platform, the edge of the platform has a railing that overlooks a small brook like river thing, I sit on one of the big steps and light up a cigarette. Ugh. Literally at the time it was perfection. Just slowly sip my strong, sugary coffee, take long drags on my cigarette and just watch people in the library going about their business. Now I find solace in a better way: searching the shelves for my new book, I have rediscovered my love of reading. Gosh! I have read three books in one day. Plus the hubby has recently got a new job so it's been a bit mad! Plus so many new plans have been floating about!
Gosh I can't wait to blog about our new adventure!!!! Lol. My hubby is a pain in the ass but when he is sweet it makes me go all weak at the knees (don't tell him I said that - we don't do soppy)!

  Gosh! So it's autumn now! Years flown, hasn't it? But seriously if I hear another person tell me how many days left there are until Christmas or another shop with Christmas stuff in the corner I may actually gag myself with a spoon.  OMG autumn is like one of my favourite seasons for fashion. The colour palette is so good this time of year lots of beiges, greens, black, white, cream and red, you can barely go wrong oh, and shoes are SO much more comfortable as well - "it's criminal what we do for fashion" - W Slater, Ugly Betty.

OMG! Talking of this seasons fashions, I am so glad to have finally found a love for:

OMG!! I love them! Shirts are so damn perfect. Nothing looks so elegant yet kinda informal as a nice shirt. See it started with a bit of my own handiwork - I was bought a shirt like four years back I think and don't get me wrong i love it, it was from pumpkin patch and for a 12 year old (I love being tiny lol) but it needed... Something, you know? So I decided to go all custom-styley on it- using my trusty sewing machine I took it in slightly so it was more fitted, gave the sleeves a little attention, added a big button at the top et, Voila! a gorgeous custom shirt with cute detail - it was so me. Tried it on and I was like "I look kinda cute in shirts!", the hubby agreed and now has been on a mission trying to find ones that aren't see-through (like what is with that? No offence to anyone who wears them but like... Idk I think the only one who needs to know what underwear you are wearing is you and your other half... I'm old school like that), but yeah found quite a few in H&M and a couple in Zara, seriously though the easiest and most effortless way to look classy is a shirt and skinnies with an obnoxious pair of heels and if you like a smidge of glam you can add collar clips (so in atm).

 OMG! Speaking of heels!!! The hubby recently went on a shopping spree and came back with THE cutest shoes ever - by Mel, OMG wait lemme get a pic up... Actually lemme show you these first...

 So, I'm usually like a strappy, peeptoe, funky colours wedge kinda girl, you know? But when I went past M&S (yes, I have been told that once you find something other than a Halloween costume and smoked salmon that you like in M&S it is a sign you are old... It's like wanting a freaking tea cosy) and saw these in the window, I squeaked - yes, squeaked. I fell in love instantly and hubby remembered them (as he does most things I squeak at, I only squeak when I really like something) and got them for me. Seriously I am LIVING in them - it's like the white jean fiasco back in spring all over again! They go with any outfit - honestly ANY outfit (lol lots of capitalised words in this blog). These ones where limited edition by Insolia but I'm pretty sure if you looked you be able to find something similar.   

Okay... My next pair of heels are like part of this obsession I am having. Melissa are like my favourite shoe designer atm, well actually they have been since my wedding shoes (I think they were called LadyDragons they were part of the Anglomania collection which was a collaboration between Melissa and Vivienne Westwood and I tell you no word of a lie - they smell like strawberries, I spent my wedding morning talking about Rupert Penry Jones - how he so should have been the new Bond instead of Daniel "pout face prick" Craig, I mean the guy has two first names as his name, sorry but call me odd but I just don't think it's right, discussing what on earth the hype is about Fifty Shades of Grey; my makeup artist and hair stylist were reading it, drinking apple juice, making stupid faces and making everyone smell my shoes, I wish I was lying but I'm not, I genuinely made everyone smell my shoes), seriously though I want nearly every collection and collaboration collection, currently I like NEEEEED The Glitter Skyscrapers and the Jason Wu collaboration Collection... Maybe the Disney Collaboration Collection too. But yeah if you get a chance check them out. Anyway getting back to these - I think I saw them in the Scuh site in a different colour but I loved them. They are made of recycled and Eco friendly materials so you look great and are helping the earth! Who doesn't low helping the earth... Well... Maybe like oil companies and anyone in non-renewable resources industries... And Miley Cyrus, she seems to quite like making the world a bad place. Ugh. Sorry her stupid face is disgracing my TV screen... Excuse me while I gag myself with a spoon... And she just stuck her tongue out, like what is her damage? Has her tongue got like a twitch or some sort of condition? And while I'm bitching what that actual fuck is "twerking" (my phone just changed 'twerking' to 'tweaking' like ten times... Even my phone is like "fuck you, that's not a real word", I now feel a little bit closer to my phone).

Anyways back to my shoes...

  Don't you just love them!  OMG! I forgot to mention my summer without makeup was great!! Did any of you dare to go makeup-less? I even managed quite a few days without a single iota of makeup- I was so proud of myself, it was like when I have up coffee. Even my husband was shocked because I didn't even complain and I complain ALL this time, about EVERYTHING, I was confident and happy. It was such a release for me, you know? Like totally cleansing and idk it made me realise that it's okay to look like you fell off of the ugly bus this morning and just like own it. I'm going to do another blog of my top ten faves next I think and then one about movies that actually started off as books that you have to read! Some are quite shocking. Like did you know Shrek was a book? Like what? Irk.

  Anyways, gotta dash; it's 11:20pm and I've got a 7am start! The joys of being a wife - lol! I wouldn't change it for the world.

It's strange because I genuinely do enjoy being a wife and doing wifely things, it actually makes me smile and feel like a better person.

Oh btw I will be sorting out the background issue v. soon! It's unsightly!   What's your favourite way to relax?

 As always -  



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