Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Top Ten Faves Atm

I think it's time for a new one so lets start...

1) Dove Instant Hydration Lotion

So I know I rave a lot about Dove but I really do love this stuff, before I was using the Firming lotion they have but you know cuz it's getting colder I thought it best to go with something a little lighter but more nourishing, right? So yeah this lotion is so good - it seems to last for ages however one thing I will say is the consistency is a bit different to most lotions, it is a bit more fluid so when pouring out be a little wary :) it's fast absorbing so so slimy stickiness, smells like a freaking angels breath and isn't expensive so wont break the bank! Give it a go.

2) Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

I use the whole hair care range alternately depending on what my hair needs at the time I buy a new bottle so I was using the Volume Boost one but then again with the change in weather I needed something a little more moisturising... Moist... Urgh that's such a horrid word. I remember a girl in college, Polly, she would literally retch if you said it. But yeah the intense repair is so good, my hair is so damn soft, me and the hubby were in Loch Fyne (one of my favourite places in the world to eat) and he was like stroking my hair and saying "OMG your hair is so soft" the table next to us was like wtf. We are so strange when we eat out because we are still the same as we are when we are at home, forget eating out etiquette, it's all about being comfortable :D

3) Soap & Glory Exfoliating Scrub Gloves

I was a typical Asian in not many ways growing up but our household did use a loofa. Like I hate them but when I got older my Maa got a exfoliating glove and I was like hooked. I buy a pack which has two in and they last like a year! But the Soap & Glory ones are like textured, softer and thicker. They are so good. I have mild OCD so being clean is a big thing to me, these clean so well! Remember to rinse and leave somewhere so they can air dry. 

4) Soap & Glory Cheekmate in Rosy Glow

Now we all know about my dangerous love affair with lip tints and that I've used my fair share of them and we all know I have always said that the Rouge Hi-Tech one by Boujois is my all time favourite... But my fellow lip tint lovers... I may have found a new love. It happens to be a cheek tint to so if you're into that then yeah! Anyways, it comes in a tube, has the consistency of gel and stains like mother fucking curry on a perfect white t-shirt. This stuff last forever. I have put it on in the evening before a dinner out and the next day after eating, talking, coming home, taking my makeup off sleeping for 9 hours it was still on. You can apply it with your finger but a lip brush will suffice. I use my finished 1000 Kisses as an applicator and it works really well!
Seriously if you want a vague hue just dab a tiny bit on to your lips but if you want a darker, vamp look add some more. It's stays and is super hot!

4) Baby Oil Foot Treatment
Okay bare with on this one. I have soft feet, I use a pumice stone on them every time I shower and I moisturise them too. But due to the cold they are having a little dry stint and I had dry skin on feet so much! So I do this:

- Slather my little feet in Baby Oil
- Wrap them in socks or bandages
- Put slippers on
- Put a hot/warm hot water bottle on them
- Wait an hour (read a book or marinade chicken)
- Remove hot water bottle, slippers and socks and you should have absurdly soft feet 
Do this before or after a bath for best results! It's so easy, no ridiculous amount of scrubbing with a stone and you have gorgeous toes!

5) Chloé by Chloé

This is my new smell. As a person I feel I have grown more confident in my own skin and around others so I needed to change my perfume accordingly. My hubby and I searched high and low, going from perfume counter to perfume counter, spraying perfume after perfume, it was just a melee of those tester strips, sometimes after a day of searching my nose would smell like a perfumery- I couldn't escape it, so many smells but none of them for me. I decide it was time to take evasive action so I sat at the laptop and went through every single perfume that I have ever worn and jotted down the smell from each one that I thought conveyed my strength at the time from subtle notes to base notes, (just noticed to use the same letters to write tones as you do notes) then I took my list and went on to a perfume site I typed in various combinations as well as all of the scents and the one that came up time and time again was Chloé by Chloé so the next time we were out searching for my smell I suggested it. My hubby instantly looked at me and said it was me in a liquid form. He purchased the biggest bottle they sell and that was that. Now it's has top notes pink peony, freesia and lychee; mid-notes are composed of magnolia flower, rose and lily of the valley and the final base notes consist of cedar wood, amber and honey. All of this together creates the fun, powdery, sweet, feminine, classic scent. It's just heaven. "A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future"- Coco Chanel, however in my opinion a women wearing the wrong perfume also faces a doomed future. 

6) Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Liquid Eyeliner

After my whole summer without make up I still wanted to keep my makeup to like a minimum I wanted everything apart from my lips to look natural so I now go with super thin eyeliner, eyelash curler lashes and powder foundation - I feel it's a cute and classy look. But yeah this is great with a steady hand and if you want thin eyeliner. I've been using thick and thin alternately for years and I have a lot of experience with eyeliner so I'm good but for beginners I'd recommend going a little thicker with the brush just to get the hang of it. Or throw yourself in at the deep end, after a few attempts you should be fine- just keep a packet of wipes and cotton buds near by!

7) Hot water bottles
Okay so it's getting a little chilly, right? My home has electric heaters - remember, electric, okay? You crank up that heating shit and that's that. Well it not just that- that artificial heat wreaks havoc with me! My skin gets really dry, my hair gets so static, I get a really sore throat!! It's sucks ass so bad. I hate it so I have found a better way to keep warm that has none of those stupid side effects! I have like three hot water bottles! Just heat up the kettle and fill the up. Put the in bed, on the sofa with you, wherever you want and they do the job. I love hot water bottles and think they should not be consigned to the period pain and old age box. They have such cute covers! So instead of turning the heater in this winter, turn the kettle on and use a hot water bottle. I'm pretty sure it costs less to heat water up than it does to run the heater in one room for an hour so you may also be savings few pounds which is always nice. 

8) Apples
I always have liked apples but I recently read that an apple will wake you up as much as a cup of coffee- may I add not due to caffeine but due to the sugar content, an apple contains about as much as 0.3 litres of Coke does. The sugar rush wakes you up and is better for you than coffee. So I keep a pack of apples in my fridge and OMG it taste so good. A cold apple wakes me up really well and takes like heaven! Give it a go! Ditch the morning cup of coffee for a cold apple.

9) Anti histamine cream

You can buy a normal bites cream at your local pharmacy and believe me with the changing weather it is a life saver for me. I have allergic reactions to myself sometimes... I'm not even kidding my own sweat can cause me to come out in a rash. But yeah I keep a tube in my hand bag all the time now. Itchy cheeks and nose because you were out on a walk and some pollen got on your face? BAM! Anti-histamine cream that shit up. Quick fix when you don't have any Benadryl or it is only mild!

10) Travel Size Containers

I know it is odd but I seriously keep travel size everything with me. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my OCD like needing to be prepared. Anyways, I have a travel perfume atomiser, a travel size pot of baby powder, a travel size pot of Nivea hand cream, a travel size packet of baby wipes and a small pot of Vaseline (I'm now allergic to Chapstick) and they have come in handy so many times. Stains on your dress like idk let's say some pasta sauce? Excuse your mucky little self and whip out your baby wipes, give it quick dab and then sprinkle a little baby power on it. You'll barely be able to see the stain. You can pick these up nearly everywhere. Boots have a great mini range so check it out!

So that was my top ten faves atm!!! 

What is your number one must have of all time?



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