Monday, 7 October 2013

Awesome mooooovies to watch!!!!

You know when you have one of those duvet days where literally you can't move your lazy arse off of the sofa. I usually read until I fall asleep but I do love movie days so I thought I'd post a blog about movie days and my favorite movie to watch. 

Grab your bowl of popcorn/golden nuggets cereal, make it cosy and let's run down my top 10

1) Mean Girls
It's our generations film. It is the most quotable movie of teen history, it's before Lindsey Lohan went coo-coo-ca-choo and it just... MEAN GIRLS!!! If I need to sell this movie to you or you haven't watched it then I'm disappointed in you. Quick shout out to Sham?! "On October 3rd he asked me what day it was", "it's October 3rd" *dreamy look* LOL!

2) Pitch Perfect
You want to laugh then Pitch Perfect is totally your film. Fat Amy will keep you giggling through out! The tracks will make you sing along and at the end you'll be fist pumping! Anna Kendrick is so good in this and Rebel Wilson is ultra funny too. 

3) What to expect when you're expecting 
OMG! Such a good movie. It'll have you laughing, crying and dreading pregnancy lol. Don't expect it to be all loving and warm. The film tackles parent anxiety and some heavy things but in a really delicate way. It's amazing how they managed to intertwine all the couples too. 

4) The Watch
Piss yourself funny. I'm not even joking. This film is so awesome, you will be quoting random bits of it for ages. Richard Ayoade is hilarious in it and you will not see the twist coming. Seriously funny as fuck, crude and kinda explicit. I wouldn't watch this with your mum... I would watch it with my mum though. 

5) Ted
OMG I remember when this came out Magic Mike was out at the same time and I remember hearing someone say "it was the first time men wanted to watch a film about a teddy bear and the first time women wanted to watch a movie about strippers. Seriously though everyone's girl crush Mila Kunis and Seth McFarlen playing a teddy bear what more could you ask for. If you are singing the thunder song next time you hear thunder you just aren't right!

Idk I have a soft spot for anything with Jonah Hill in. He is like the at little brother everyone wants. Seeing both Tatum and Hill as teens will make you pee. Ice Cube also make a few awesome appearances. Give it a watch!

7) Horrible Bosses
So so so funny. Jennifer Aniston like you have never seen her before (Apart from in We're the Millers) and the other two bosses are just like the ones at work that you hate. The whole thing is ridiculous and outrageous but just far too funny. 

8) Identity Thief
You can tell right from the beginning filming this was so much fun! Bateman and McCathy are so good together on screen! You really start to feel for both characters and get sucked into the film. Great laughs and good lessons. It's a blast. 

9) The Hangover
This is the pinnacle of random. Just utter fun. You will feel the shock, disgust and crazy. So many moments you'll just be like WTF. We have all watched it but its so much fun to watch again!

10) Avengers Assemble
Even if you just watch it for Robert Downey Jr. It's a great film! We love the Hulk!! It's such a great fun family film. Fights scenes are epic! 

That's my awesome film list. What's yours?


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