Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My Facebook :D

Just a few things from my Facebook...

Omg my new girl crush Annalyn McCord. 
She's so stunning.

That moment when it's past six and you sit at the window to watch for your husband walking home.

When your OCD has decided that a certain patch of carpet is no longer viable and you can't walk on it so you have to jump over it.


Listening to Hindi music and being like "I'm Asian and proud" then realising all the songs you're listening to are in Hindi or dialects of India and being like T-T I'm Bengali then being like "oh wait I'm half Indian".

I'm pretty sure I have like a nationality confusion disorder.

Okay so I'm gunna go on a Harry Potter Fest next week. I wanna read all the books back to back, then watch the movies back to back and then play all the games back to back.

My name is Monica... and... and... I'm a racist.
There I said it. 

When you are at the checkout and your child wants something from the side like a chocolate bar and you have refused, then I'm sorry then if your child then proceeds to have a full on melt down on the floor that isn't the supermarket's marketing teams fault it's yours for raising a spoilt little brat of a child.Leave the sweets and chocolate along the aisle to the checkouts, you have an issue with obesity then freaking stop eating, it's your moment of weakness not theirs and its your child that wants something and doesn't listen to you when you have said no- I'd say raise your child properly.
If Maa said 'no' I never threw a hissy fit on the floor. A silent sulk, sure but never anything more.

She's not stupid, you know? She happens to be much smarter than you but she loves you and that makes her act stupid... But don't think doesn't know what you do or say. She's 5 steps ahead of your sorry ass.
She knows.

Sh*t Bengali Mums Say OMG... My Maa is a fake Bengali mum. She never said any of that to me... I have been cheated T-T

So last night the hubby would not quit fidgeting and moving the duvet and after a while it got on my nerves so I sat up, looked at my sleeping husband and said "petrificus totalus"... He froze. No more moving! Then I was like "EEEEERRMAAAAGERD!! I'm a witch?!" 
So yeah now I'm just sat here waiting for my Hogwarts letter but you know with this weather and stuff I'm sure it'll be a bit delayed or even get lost...

Me to my husband.
What would you say if I said I wanted to be a women?
I'd say "knock yourself out"
Why would I want to knock myself out? Is you a homosexual? Oh... Shit I meant to say homophobe...
Grating cheese brings out the worst in you.

The hubby currently has a bra on his head. 
I'm not sure who's bra this is or why he is in possession of it however I really wish he would allow me to take a picture of him because I seriously think that the world who benefit seeing this.

You can't donate blood unless you weigh 51kg
My response whilst on the phone to Maa
"That's like discrimination against skinny people".

My Mum decided to give a wasp a handshake... The wasp was not very pleased. 
Wasp is now dead.

Every five minutes the hubby keeps shouting "are you dizzy, blad??" and then following any response with "restecpa". 

Glitter is my favourite colour.

Just got frightened by my own shadow. 
I'm not even kidding

Me: I wonder if there is an ambigram of my name...
Hubby: Is you illuminati?!

Lol. Okay I think that is enough!

Lots of love,


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