Tuesday, 3 December 2013

"I didn't know pizza places made motors"

What is the fucking world coming to?

Paul Walker has been tragically killed in a car accident. Dear god. Its sad enough that a human being is no longer but the man was on his way to a charity event, he had just celebrate his birthday with ludacris likes month ago, his film "Hours" is set to release this month, they were in the middle of filming Fast 7 and its coming up to Christmas. He was in a good bit of his life. 

He has a fifteen year old daughter, fifteen for goodness sake. She isn't at an age where you know she was too young to remember or didn't have many memories - she has a full life time of love and memories with her Dad. She will miss him at a point in her life where she needs him the most. When I was fifteen I could have done with a Dad. It's crazy. He was in the prime of his life and had so much to live for.

He wasn't just the guy from Fast and Furious, he was - like Ludacris said- part of the "Fast Family". We knew the Fast Family like our own. We grew up with it evolving, changing. It wasn't just the phenomenal cars with the stunning customisations or the fucking fantastic sound track, it was the fact that they never gave up. 

Ride or die, remember? 

They did it all together. They taught us that no matter what take that jump but do it with those you trust. They taught that people can change, that you never to give up on family, that blood runs thicker than water sometimes and that love -in every one of it's forms is the strongest thing is the world; it can bring people back from the dead. It can bring back a persons memory. It can drive you to do the impossible. 

To Paul Walker. 

Ride or Die from everyone in the Fast Family, fans and cast alike. 

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