Monday, 30 December 2013

Slutty Hijabis

Okay so let me set the scene, I'm not wearing anything special just dark jeans and a long sleeve jumper, my handbag, I've got my heels on (but I wear heels to pop to the Tesco across the road - I'm sort of addicted to them), its a bit chilly so I have a jacket on, cut-off gloves and a scarf just around my neck, a mon avis that's a cute look. It's like a casual, normal, cute look, you know? Make up wise I've got like a natural day look, eyelashes curled, lips faintly tinted and just a smidgen of foundation so again minimal and cute. So that's me right does that sound normal to you? It does right. Now let me add the important bit- I'm with my hubby. I'm holding his hand like any normal couple and I'm kissing him every so often like any normal loving wife. I mean I know I'm Asian so public displays of affection or the simple fact that we remotely even like one another is a shock but that doesn't sound like a bad thing to you does it? Like that whole situation. It's sound like a cute modern Asian couple who are comfortable together and happy right?

 So why is it that I get so many dirty looks off Asian girls? Not like all of them but the ones that should really check themselves before they check anyone else. You know the ones - an inch thick layer of foundation, blusher, bronzer and concealer, bright eye shadow, some crazy cat eye style eyeliner, two sets of false eyelashes, just really caked. They look like they are little make up models, but then you see their over the top, totally ridiculous clothes that make them look like they are off to a wedding, it is so damn weird and like then they have that camel hump of a headscarf on, seriously what the fuck is in that? It's so big... "Thats why her hair is so big, it's full of secrets" - Mean Girls, actually I wouldn't be surprised if that's the reason, glued to their Blackberries and iPhones, constantly on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, SnapChat, Tinder and what ever other social media they are all addicted to, you have to wonder who they are speaking to and what about. The thing I love the most is they always post prayers and passages from the Quran but then they are DMing tons of boys acting all coy and coquettish it's like wtf. Everyone is a brother to them and they always have the sluttiest friends too. OMG the funniest thing I then way they speak, it's like OMG. She's got like a scarf on and when Mummy-Ji is around she talks like a normal human being but then on social media and with her friends shes all chavvy and shit - everything is “hench”, ends with “innit” or “safe” and has “kusmeh” along with other random Hindi/Urdu/Bengali words somewhere when there is really no need but my favourite thing is that they hate swearing its like you are offending the English language with the way you are speaking yet the offensive part of the English language offends you?! Backwards child. It's just funny. It's just too funny. The worst part I think is how they constantly talk about things to do with Asian culture and religion and then are like “oh my non-Asian followers don't know what I'm on about haha”, it's like so you're eating your mum's over-spiced, oily curry and rice with mango pickle, or that you have half of Heathrow Arrivals at your house or you're eating asian sweets or my favourite either someone is getting married/they  have too many weddings to attend to/they need to get married; no one gives a fuck, like no one. Different cultures have their own stereotypical issues - you don't see them posting about it. Just for retweets and followers.

Nor do they care about the things you are getting told of for. Surely if you aren't allowed to do something because your parents have said no, but you are still doing it, don't go posting it on a public forum, you know? Where everyone can see it... Because its public *face palm*. All like “OMG meeting up with my sisters (other asian and muslim girls) for Shisha in *pick any majorly Asian populated city in the UK, such as - London/ Manchester* sooooo excited!” Its like errrm, you do realise how stupid, you are right? I mean, really?

Like I remember once me and the hubby were going to Roundhay to do our Asian shopping like - meat, chicken, gherkins, jalapeƱo peppers, chicken nuggets and other random things that Asian shops sell in large individual quantities as my husband is a man and likes to buy lots of everything so he doesn't have to shop anymore (once he purchased like 10kgs of Cous Cous T-T") and there were like a group of maybe five girls walking towards us, all very similar to the description above and they were all cutting me evils. Like are you for real? But then they all went into a shisha lounge like it was all normal. Let me tell you that girls going into shisha lounges is not normal, I mean its barely okay for a married women with her husband to go so an unmarried, young girl is definitely a no-no, but tbh it's for the right reasons. Like don't get me wrong some of my culture is like really messed up and stuff but shisha lounges bless them aren't good places most of the time. They are great for drugs, money laundering and are full of dark dingy corners for dark deeds to be done or agreed upon, also full of asian teenage boys/men that are trying to hold on to their youth Idk we all know what Asian dudes are like: leery and weird, granted some of them are nice like my hubby and like I don't know many Asian people, let alone boys but the ones I do know and have met are weird, and that's mainly family and family friends maybe I just come from a weird environment cuz they are all like super weird. But like yeah why would you want to be in a place like that. A group of girls in a large room full of creepy Asian dudes...Sounds a bit rapey doesn't it? Especially the one I'm on about. It's got like frosted glass and low lighting. You look into it and you can literally only see about a few metres into the place. Tell me that's warning sign. Some shisha lounges are really nice I'm sure but this one and the ones that have been described to me and the ones I've seen in the many pictures all seem to have a real creepy, rapey, dark vibe to them. So yeah. What kind of girl enjoy that? I get if like you're a bunch of mates loads of different people like idk, that's like a bit better does that makes sense? Like idk like my friend over in the US was at a shisha lounge (it was Halloween and she was dressed in rather sexy outfit but she isn't slutty... Nor a hijabi) and she was there with friends - dudes and chicks, there was a big group of them and it was a big safe normal party of them. You know? But like a small group of entirely Asian, Muslim, young, very pretty girls just doesn't sound like a good idea, it just sounds a little rapey, a little kidnappy and a little human trafficky, It's like the story line of a Jason Statam movie. I know I'm really kinda scared of everything and worry too much but seriously I just don't think it's the best of setups. But yeah idk. Ugh I just wish Asians wouldn't be so nosey and judgemental. Like fuck you and your opinion. I like the ones that see me everyday and still cut me evils. It's like “babe I'm going to drop of lunch to my hubby. I try to make it everyday sometime though I do just buy it. Some days I wait like an hour because he has to work a little more and it's cold and wet and windy but I still wait. I don't go home because I'll just have to come back as soon as I get there and I don't go wondering around Trinity because I think he might come out early and I'll miss him so I stay. What the fuck are you out for, and dressed like that? How about you shut the fuck up and piss off? I don't judge you on sight until you give me that look so yeah. Good. Slut.”

Ugh. They just frustrate me so much. It's like get a life, much?

I'm married and happy. What are you doing nearly every night? Lying to your parents about where you are, getting pissed up and laid. I'm preparing meals for my hubby and myself, keeping a home, snuggling my husband, making him laugh, just being a wife and then I'm trying to be a daughter from a distance and a good big sister. Who are you to judge me? If we are going to judge then tbh I'd rather be me because I am helping make four people happy. One of them I do all by my self, I have to counter every single time someone or something brings him down. I am his entire world and its taken time but I'm finally getting it right. Two of them I'm helping to make better people and know they are loved by me from nearly five hours away. And the other I am helping remember that she is an amazing person. What are you doing? 

Ugh. Okay I'm done.



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