Friday, 13 December 2013

Stuff in my...

1) Handbag
Okay I have so much crap in my handbag. My husband has this really annoying tendency to put rubbish in it. I'm not even kidding. My gorgeous bag and he puts sandwich packaging, crisp packets and other food stuff in there. It's funny until I clean my bag and I get like a shower of crumbs. Ugh. So yeah. I have sweets in my bag like all the times - Wrigleys Extra Mints, Cherry Drops and Cherry Chuppa Chupps lollipops. Oh and milk sweets, I have like random dips in my sugar levels that make me dizzy and stuff so like a sweet picks me up until I can get home or somewhere I can get something to eat. The usual emergency girls stuff for those bloody mishaps. My iPod and headphones, mittens, my hat, a plastic cutlery set, a lighter (not because I smoke, just out of habit), loads of receipts, hairstick, hair band, a nail file, change. My purse has my cards, pictures of my family, library cards, perfume cards. The weirdest thing I found in my bag was a mini skateboard. I'm not sure how it got there, I mean I have mini skateboards in my house to play on the car mat with but I'm not sure how it got there. I used to keep a pen and notebook in there for like jotting down ideas but then I have like the notes on my phone. It's just so much easier and I don't have type it up after. Ummm... What else is in there... About it really. You know what girls should keep in their handbags more than they do? Condoms. I don't understand why its okay for dudes to carry one in their wallets and no one bats an eyelid but if a girl carries on then its like "OMG she is a slag". It's like no how about if she had a billion STI's then she would be a slag. Say idk if a carry condoms in her purse then its not that she is like out to get "it" but if she happens to then she is covered, or rather he is covered. I just think a) the stigma around girls carrying condones needs to fuck off and b) girls need to take more responsibility when it comes to contraception but not just from a pregnancy aspect but from a STI aspect too. It may not even be the guy who has the STI so why should you be letting some one poke around with the danger of passing it on to them. That's not fair. All he wanted was to get laid and he got a nasty disease because the poor dude thought you were hot and enough so to give him a boner and what did you do? Give his best mate a freaking trip to the GUM clinic and course of antibiotics. That's not nice. And vice versa you think he's fit and want to get down and dirty with him, fine, I mean I don't like promote premarital sex but I'm not stupid enough to think people don't but if you are, wouldn't you rather be safe than sorry? There are so many ways of incorporating the condom into sexy time so why not? And if a guy says he doesn't want to wear one because he doesn't like them, then ask him if he likes babies cuz in nine months you are gunna have one. He really isn't worth the risk. Babies are an amazing thing but there is a time and a place in your life where it's meant to happen for all the right reasons.

2) My Medicine Cupboard

Contains medicine. However it does contain Nair, we all know my love for Nair, also my tooth brush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouth wash (I'm like dental hygiene mental lately - I brush my teeth/floss/mouthwash three a day now; before it was like I brushed my teeth twice a day, mouth wash before bed and flossed twice a week and when needed), scented panty liners (I know scented anything is bad for you but I just can't do without them), three packets of unscented baby wipes, extra exfoliation gloves, Boots cucumber face mask and the eye gel from the same range, Vaseline, Elvive Nutri-Gloss Crystal Shampoo and conditioner (my love and content when it comes to my hair, I always go back to it after using different shampoos), V05 Smoothly Does it Curl Defining Mousse (so good adds bounce and volume to my flat long hair) also Loreal Matte and Messy hair spray (just to add that bed heady, Kate Moss look to it).

3) My pocket right now 

Well right now I've got my yummy pink fluffy massive night gown on (omg everyone should legally own one of these. They are like heaven in a fabric) It's sooooo soft! I'm living in this thing atm. But yeah in the pocket right now are... Bells. Let me explain, I LOVE BELLS. I love the sound of them, the look just everything about bells I love. And so now when I walk or move I jingle. It makes me happy. I'm like an overgrown Asian Tinkerbell, plus my hubby thinks its cute. Oh wait I just found sweets too. Oooh Celebrations and the Malteaser one. I like that one. I shall eat it. 

So yeah that's basically it. 



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