Thursday, 27 February 2014

My Summer Bucket List 2014

So I'm kinda obsessed in Tumblr I don't have it but like I just type Tumblr in after what ever I've googled. And I came across Summer bucket lists some where stupid like 'get fucked up and wake up somewhere I don't recognise' and 'hook up with two people in one night' it like have the only thing you are gunna take away from that is Chlamydia not an amazing memory you want to share or keep forever. I mean you can't got to your mum and be like "hey so I fucked one guy in the toilets of this one club and the got finger banged in another by some other dude" it doesn't quite have the same feeling as maybe like going on a picnic with your mates or a family BBQ, you know?

Now I've  never really done a bucket list so it took me a little while but here is mine:

- Get our own place 🏑
- Go to the beach and do all beach things X
- Eat toasted marshmallows from a proper fire πŸ”₯
- Chessington day with Maa & the kids😬
- Go fruit picking πŸ“
- Have the kids over in the 6 week holidays
- Kiss while watching the sun set X
- Carve our names into a tree🌳
- Go to a summer fair🎈
- Skim rocks on water X
- Have a water fightπŸ’¦
- Midnight walks X
- Make Sprite and Gummy Bear ice lollies as well as loads of others
- Have a picnic🍞
- Send a message is a bottleπŸ“œ
- Go to an Aquarium 🐠
-  Fly a kite πŸ’¨
- Buy a crystal necklace for my sister
- Go zip lining
- Go swimming 🏊
- Get into box sets πŸ“€
- Skinny dipping 
- Have or go to a BBQ πŸ”
- Jump from someplace high into water
- Have long weekend away πŸ’Ό
- Drink loads of Slush puppies
- Learn to do cartwheels
- Go on a bike ride 🚴
- Bake loads of different Cookies πŸͺ
- Bury a time capsule with random stuff into to mess with future people
- Make fudge and truffles
- Go rollerblading with the kids
- Make my special limeade
- Feed ducks 🍞
- Build a fort to sleep the night in
- Make a trifle
- Surprise Maa with a surprise πŸ˜‰
- Get a kitten🐱
- Random Road trip πŸš—
- Catch the first train we see and just go with it πŸš„
- Learn Arabic properly
- Pray at least on a Friday πŸ™
- Eat ice cream from an ice cream truck 🍦
- Go bowling X
- Watch home team play football ⚽️
- Outdoor movie night with caramel popcorn πŸŽ₯
- Sunday family roasts πŸ—
- Blow glow-in-the-dark bubbles 
- Make galaxy t-shirts 🌌
- Summer Playlist X
- New family portraits πŸ“·
- Beach with the girls πŸ™‹πŸ’πŸ™†
- Me and Maa day
- The Kids and Us day

My hubby added some awesome ones:

- Track day in badass car(s)
- Jet sking 
- Do London!!! 
- Go to standup show 
- Go to live gig 
- Spend a chill out day in quays X
- High five a pixie 
- Have breakfast, lunch and dinner at Nandos
- Fist pump a pensioner 
- Give you a total spoil day (inside) 
- Go movies and not pay of any of the films 
- Do the collage wall 
- Happy slap a chav 
- Give an emo laughing gas 
- Pretend to posh for the whole day including accent yaaaaaaar

I've had to omit a few dude to their nature ;D
I think our summer is going to be pretty eventful. Lol. I know it's like super early but I just can't wait for the summer this year usually u don't mind I actually really like the rain and cold but it makes my hubby basically miserable so it's just better if he is happy lol.

What's on your summer bucketlist?




  1. Hi Monica! So, how was your summer? Were you able to cross out a lot on your summer bucket list? I hope that you and your hubby were able to accomplish, if not everything, at least more than half of those said activities. Anyway, there's always next summer. Just keep on adding fun and exciting things to do on your bucket list. By the way, don't you have any plans on traveling to another country?

    Boracay beach

    1. Hey, Louise! Thanks for the read and comment, sweet :) We have actually done some of these, but there is still loads of time! We do have some vague plans to go travelling but there is just lots going on atm, but fingers crossed. Hope your summer is blast!