Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Weird pictures I've found in my phone

So lets kick this off with me looking like a pedo:

Next walking through town and we stop at traffic lights and what do we see?

Okay so I can't take responsibility for this one my Maa actually sent this to me

I googled my name and meme an this it what came up! I love it. 

Yeah don't ask why I was googling such things. ..

If you rad Gabriella Ellis' bit it says she believes in miracles. Love wiki. 

Walking back from lunch with the hubby and I see this!! I laughed all the way home. 

I made like 15 of these for date night last year! How cool does it look?

Okay so my little brother had to write some homework and I was helping him and he writes what to me looks like 'bitch' apparently it's 'birth'.  There is another one that looks like he's written 'porn' but it actually says 'Peru'.

This is actually a sign in Leeds, I genuinely kid you not.

My hubby asked me if I was excited about my birthday so I sent him this!!

Walked into an Asian store and saw this!!! I was like we have to get thiiis!!! My hubby wasn't for it :(

And then a couple of weeks later we go shopping again and we see this!! Lol!

So that was the collection if weird things/pictures I have found on my phone. I also have a screen shot of the PI and the circumference of the earth. Idk why. 

Anyways, I'm proper sorry about the who not posting business! I'm moving, you see! Big things, people, big things!


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