Monday, 24 March 2014

To all the dumbfucks that take drugs...

So on Facebook today I am scrolling down and I come across this article about drugs and alcohol so I'm like "let's have a read"... Turns out it's not an article instead it's a poll on what is more popular in the world of narcotics. They are putting different narcotics up against each other like it's some sort of fucking gladiator battle. I was furious. And then I started reading the comments "quaaludes aren't fun, ketamin isn't either", "who choose shrooms over opium?". Some absolute moron said something to the effect of "I choose sizzurp on honour of DJ some-fuck-or-other", in honour? In fucking honour?! Are you for real?! What the fuck is wrong with you?! Were you dropped on the head repeatedly as a child? Or did someone just knock seven shades of brain cells out of you? Drugs are not fun, it's not all unicorns and "oooh", it's usually mortifying come downs and bad trips. If you idea of a good time is being dehydrated, sweating, getting really antsy and thinking everyone is out to get you or ending up in hospital with a chance that you may die cuz they have no fucking idea what the fuck you have taken or how much then you really need to fucking reevaluate you perception of 'fun'. Dickhead.

To anybody who participates in the use of illegal drugs and/or legal highs: you are a dick. Plain and simple. In the same way everyone knows all operations no matter how minor pose a risk, we all know if you take drugs there is a chance you could die. You don't know what this little pill is cut with - other drugs, borax, baby powder, laxative or just even flour. You don't know what the safe amount is to take with your body, or if how much you've had to drink affects it or how your body will react. What you think is one pill could only be 20% drug in one case and 70% in another.

As far as I'm concerned if you take drugs, you totally deserve what comes next. If you think popping pills is in no way detrimental to your health and will have no consequences because you're young and invincible then when or if you end up in a coma or worse you have no one but yourself to blame. We all know drugs are bad and they are illegal. We all know they carry a risk and that they aren't regulated or safe. I know this, you know this, every idiot on the face of the fucking plant knows this but still we had 1,496 legal and illegal drug related deaths in 2012, 73 per cent (1,087 out of 1,496) of said deaths were from accidental poisoning. That's 1,496 people who has futures, families and friends. All because they thought it would be fun, well it's all fun and games until you go and die, isn't it? If you wouldn't trust a dealer with your life, then why are trusting this little thing he's selling to you?

You're not going to live forever. You're not invincible. You're not indestructible. Your life is in no way going to be enhanced by take drugs. You are not benefitting anyone by participating in the use of drugs. You are in no way doing anything good. You're basically just saying "fuck you" to everyone you love and that loves you. Good for you, asshole. I've seen what happens with drugs - the effects and how much they can really mess you up. It's not fun. People get hurt. You think your mum wants to see you passed the fuck out on the floor, sick all down your jeans or dress and no recollection of the night before? No. You think your girlfriend or boyfriend wants to see you looking like the whole of Hell gang-fucked you? No. No one wants to see you like that. 

If I can give you any advice and God knows I am the last person to be giving advice but here it is:

Innocence only lasts a while, don't squander it. Being an adult is not about doing everything in the world - it's actually about doing the right thing. Believe me, a day will come where you won't want to go out with your mates simply because that means getting dressed, you won't want to get hammered at the weekend because that means you can't function until like the following friday and being with someone you love - just being with them, not even doing anything, just breathing next to them will be bliss. You don't believe me now but one day you will. 

Next time some son of a bitch offers you something - don't take it. Don't do it. You don't have to say no if you feel you can't just don't consume it.

Like don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you have to like go all high and mighty, smack the fucker in the face with a good back hand and declare "sir I challenge you to a duel", just sort of shrug it off.

Ugh sorry, it just really irks me, you know? Irk lol thats a funny word. Irk. Ahem sorry.

So yeah... Omg readjusting to Exeter was so easy. I love it! Me and my hubby are so chill here - it is so good. I get to see my mates like every week. OMG so I'm pretty sure the Costa we go to is going to start kicking us out for the shit I talk about, we get like other customers looking at us funny because we are falling over ourselves laughing. I'm like addicted to ice and coke atm but only from SUBWAY, idk why :/  OMG my husbands birthday was at the beginning of this month! It was soooooooo cute like I made him a giant cookie because he is allergic to egg so I can't bake  him a cake. I made him bunting instead of like buying those happy birthday banners and I cover the room in little happy birthday confetti and balloons too. It was super chill and cute although in the evening we did go out to a cute little Thai place down by the cathedral.

Omg I'm listening to so much music atm it's mental but I thought it would be cool to make like a playlist of music for you lot to listen to, it's only a few tracks but it keeps me occupied.

What song are you totally rinsing atm?





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