Thursday, 3 April 2014

How to wake up looking perfect

When I first got married I was really kinda uptight about my husband seeing me in any other way always done to some degree, like I couldn't look like hell, but now I don't really care - I figured out the romance in a relationship doesn't particularly ride on you looking perfect or just not like  banshee dragged backwards through the Sahara desert and then the Amazon jungle, it's all about mutual understanding, respect and fun. So yeah but I did used to have this perfect routine before I went to bed to wake up looking pretty much perfect (read acceptable) save, needing to brush my teeth. I am not one of those girls that can take a #nomakeup #selfie#omg #didijustreallyjusthashtag #nofilter #natural  I'm sorry I couldn't help myself - I amuse myself so much haha. But seriously I'm willing to share this lovely bit of info with you, it actually works for a lot of things not just wanting to keep up the facade of being a perfect fairy princess that pees glitter, like it really saves on time getting ready in the morning you can literally roll out of bed and be ready.

So here goes:

You need to first do your normal routine, we will use mine as a base line :)

I exfoliate my underarms every night and apply baby powder to them , also I exfoliate my legs and apply lotion to them but that's not really part of the looking good bit, but yeah then I brush my hair which takes forever because my hair just loves to get knotty- it's like when I'm not looking some little scene kid comes up and back brushes the living fuck out of my hair and then empties an entire can of shit hair spray and dry shampoo on to beautiful head. So yeah once that is done I spray a little of my Plump up the volume VO5 Hair spray into it and pull it into a messy but tight top knot on my head or I plat/braid it depending how I want it (my hair has three style - up in a pony, up in a bun and down in a mess because my hair is so thin and long it will not how anything else, or at least that is what I tell myself so I don't have to try any new styles), then I brush, floss and mouth wash which takes like forever because I'ma oral hygiene freak, next I use my cleanser and toner 2-in-1 by Simple that I mentioned in my last 'Top Ten Favs' I give my face a good scrubbing with a flannel and that stuff until I'm happy it is clean. I check for any black heads that need attention and then I'm good to go.

Now here is where the magic comes in.

So you know your make up brush that's soft and quite fluffy? Grab that and get some baby powder on it and sweep it all over you wonderful face concentrating on your t-zone - overnight this will soak all the oil you wake up to. Fresh, matte face without the effort!

Next get you eye lash curlers out and give yourself a few pumps, you want it to be relatively curled because while you sleep they will relax a bit, this helps give your eyes a little bit of pop in the morning so you don't look dead in the eyes, but because it was done hours ago it still looks natural.

Now you need to grab your flannel or lip scrub and give your lips a once over, crusty lips is gross, now get your lip tint. Don't have one? Why not? Get one, believe me it is the biggest life saver. Apply enough to give you a cute hue to your lips whether you like it graduated or full on just do it and then when it's dry lock it in with a really good lip balm - you wake up with perfectly tinted and soft lips, great for the morning kiss after you have brushed your teeth.

That's it!

Now when you wake up run to the bathroom brush your teeth and let your hair down and you will have the sexy, bed head look that you want but never works out for you. I tend to spritz a little perfume, moisturise my arms, stomach and legs and use some deodorant and then get back in bed. I don't feel grossed out by myself or want to hide my face because I look like a fucking troll in the morning - don't get me wrong I have stopped most of this ritual but it did help me relax a little you know? We all think we look like hell in the morning and wouldn't leave the house dead without at least making sure we look half decent. I was really conscious of the way I looked before and had a lot of hang ups but now I am way more confident in my skin and go makeup less quite a lot but you don't have to use this in the way I did, the baby powder really helped clear up my oily skin and I feel the eyelash curlers help stimulate growth, so yeah.

Anyways, I'm not really sure where this is going anymore. What is your favourite beauty tip?



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