Monday, 7 April 2014

Peaches Geldof

Although I've never met Peaches Geldof, I'm truly saddened by this loss of life. I remember Peaches as a dark haired, stern faced teenager with this rebellious cool to her.  All her crazy partying and fantastical anecdotal antics were splashes across every major tabloid publication throughout her "wild child" years, she and her fellow scenesters were always good tabloid fodder but the thing is she was also an incredibly bright, intelligent, intuitive girl, aged just 14 she was writing columns for major publications and months before her death she was promoting attachment parenting, something she clearly felt strongly on and wanted to educate others about- she believed it was returning to out natural maternal instinct. She very was socially aware and very involved in the world, something that her father has always been passionate about; she wasn't just a fashion icon and party girl.

The stories and fact surrounding Peaches Geldof's life and death are wonderful and tragic all at the same time. Daughter of the late Paula Yates and Bob Geldof, she was always destined for fame and turmoil, Peaches had her fair share of scandal and controversy from escalating drug abuse/ addiction rumours and severe weight loss to her nudes being leaked on to the internment and her posting the names of the ex-Lost Prophets lead singer Ian Watkins' female accomplices, she was regularly either in hot water or being talked about. Her mother and her self shared this affinity for fame and all that comes with it. It seemed to all, after finding her little family she had settled down and found herself, shedding the girlish, rebellious and outrageous party girl ways she had lived by. Her untimely death mirrors her mothers in that they were both mothers with small children, which only makes it even more sad. Her last twitter post was a picture of herself and her late mother, Geldof appeared to have really enjoyed sharing via social media, the young mother was posting mainly videos and pictures of her children to her Instagram and Twitter which has garnered 190k followers. Speaking on the subject of she mothers death Geldof recalls "I didn't start grieving for my mother properly until I was maybe 16" 5 years after the actual event. 

Peaches leaves behind two beautiful boys and husband. I can't imagine how he feels right now- his wonderful wife is now gone, that void can never be filled and he has these two little fragile creatures to raise and cherish all alone. May he be granted strength and all the love in the world so as to help him carry on. 

Her father and sisters all are torn and heartbroken by their loss. I hope this brings them even closer together, it's the only good that can come from this. 

Hopefully the tragedy that keeps befalling this family ends. The survivors band will together and live their lives fully in memory of loved ones passed. 

Rest in peace - Peaches Geldof

A young and tragic British icon. 

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