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Albums that I love.

Omg I have the fuckiest cough/sore throat - I feel like fucking Hell. Ugh someone come and look after me. Nothing seems to be helping, salt water gargles, soothers, lemon and honey water, honey and black pepper; I even ate a vindaloo with chips, nothing I still feel ill. Ugh. OMG Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D I'm like so hooked - like Ward and Hydra and he killed the fat dude - and Sky kissed him! Lol I'm guessing that wasn't really a coherent recap! But anyways yeah I love that show. Idk if any one in the UK reads my blog but Derek series two? I can't... It just... I'm like on one hand I like seeing Derek and the other is just all too serious and grown up and emotional, the last series was just funny and sometimes quite poignant but otherwise it was upbeat- this season is just miserable at times. 

Anyways enough of my bitching, lets start with this blog. These are in no particular order it's just the order they came to my head.

The Game - Doctor's Advocate
OMG this entire album is just insane. Like track after track is just crazy. So as far as I can recall this is the first album to be released after the whole 50 Cent/G-Unit shit went down and The Game left Aftermath, in a few of the tracks he claims that the fued is over but tbh we all know that Game thinks 50 Cent is a little bitch and he's right - the crap that the ex-G-unit member is coming out with is so bad - he's reinvented himself and it's just not working very well for him; anyways back to Doctor's Advocate... So we all know that Dr Dre doesn't feature on any of the tracks as a producers but I'm sad to say that it doesn't really take too much away from the albums, Kanye West does a track and idk if it's me but it has such a Graduation feel to it- I love 'Would Get Far', it's just such a track that I can see The Game laughing too (which is a little scary lol). There are two Scott Storch produced tracks, both of which are shit hot! I love the featured/produced track, It's Okay (One Blood) as far as I am concerned is the biggest hit on that album was co-produced by Reefa (think - Fabolous, Gucci Mane and Rick Ross) and D-Roc from the Ying Yang Twins - this track is just so fucking intense and intricate. I'm not really into my producers  so I'm not really sure of the rest but this album is one that cemented Hip Hop in my heart. I was never really a Game fan, like I knew who he was and had heard many of his features but I had just never really cared to listen to his own stuff but my hubby is like Game/DMX diehard so I've been listening to a lot of stuff over the past few years and The Game is just amazing - the only thing I don't like about him is his sense of self-awesome comparing yourself to the likes Tupac, Nas, Biggie or Eminem is just silly - be The Game cuz these other rappers are/were not trying to be anyone else but them and unapologetically so. 

Norah Jones - The Fall
Don't judge me. This album is funny, heart breaking, intense and I've cried to it many times. I love nearly every track, the lyrics are so beautiful and meaningful, the melodies are so intricate, it's just such a soulful album. My favourite time to listen to it is near Christmas, whilst curled up with a book. This album has got me through so many really tough times. Norah Jones' voice is just so perfect. 

Justin Timberlake - FutureSex/LoveSounds
Oh God. This is one of the best collaborations like ever- like I would put this producer/artist collab in my top ten. It was just so flawless - like you can tell how much fun they had working together. The track preludes make you melt, the fact that most of the tracks are like six minutes long doesn't even matter because you just love what is playing so much.  Track after track is a sing along track; for me it is still one of the sexiest albums ever made in my eyes. I'm not sure if this is true but apparently JT didn't write any of this lyrics down of paper (apart from like one of them) because he felt it would slow him down, some of those lyrics are just so damn hot! Critically as far as I remember it wasn't particularly favoured, with complaints that the lyrics (that I love) were clumsy but the melodies were intricate. I love this album. I listen to it all time, from start to finish, what ever my mood.

Escape the Fate - Dying Is Your Latest Fashion
Okay I was like thirteen/fourteen when I first listened to this and I was in love from the first time I heard Ronnie Radke do that screeching thing he does at the end of every line and the breathing thing he does at 2:14 on Situations. I was hooked - I listened to that damn album so many times, my little sister knew the words to 'When I Go Out, I Want To Go Out On a Chariot of Fire' and would dance to it with me (much to my Maa's chagrin). I love the guitars - it made me regret giving up playing (which I only did because my cousin started playing too and I'm a dick and hate being copied), the drums make my head do stuff that I can't control, the screamo makes me go all fan-girly, I just... I'm sorry. I can't even like control myself. I just love this crappy album so much.

Kanye West -  Graduation
My favourite album from Kanye. I won't lie I haven't really given 'College Dropout' much of a chance, and I do like 'Late Registration' but I just love 'Graduation' so so so much, every track. I love the samples he's pulled from the likes of Elton John to Public Enemy, it just melts my little brain. I also love that he was in on nearly every track producing. The random features with Lil Wayne on 'Barry Bonds' and Chris Martin on 'Homecoming', it's just such a good album. Most of the tracks have that deep bass that makes me listen to pretty much anything that has it. He has some of his smartest lines in this album as far as I'm concerned. I remember listening to this after a lot of stressful times and before meeting people just to psyche myself up too. This album is what made me like Kanye West and his recent one is what made me dislike him. Let's hope he goes back to his old music roots and starts producing again. 

Paramore - Riot & Paramore - All We Know
These two albums got me through so so so much. They actually helped me make decisions in my life, I'm vaguely appauld to say and even to this very day make me feel so much from my past. Each song has so many memories, I can see where I was at various times whilst listening to them. I love the vocals, the guitars, just every thing about every song. These are the last albums of Paramore I've listened too, I didn't like many of the tracks that came after these two, you know after the line-up change it wasn't the same. But the lyrics on these tracks have been cornerstones in my teenage year - "I've hoped for change but still I feel the same", "I'll watch his wildest dreams come true, not one of them involving you", "And here we go again, with everything we said, and not a minute spent to thin at we'd regret... Forget the things we swore we meant", "something's I'll never know and I had to let them go", "maybe if my heart stops beating it won't hurt this much", "with my wide eyes, I've seen worlds that don't belong"- so so so many words that just live in my heart. 

Rihanna - Good Girls Gone Bad
Every track was perfect on this track. There were edgy tracks, there were the usual pop tracks, some dance tracks but all thee tracks were good tracks. You could connect to them and the lyrics and some you could just sing along to - it had the hits 'Umbrella', 'Rehab' and 'Hate That I Love You' which all remind me of school and afternoons in class. The forst person that played me 'Umbrella' was Katie, 'Rehab' was Hazel and I heard the latter on the radio. But yeah this is a really young-me music lover. 

The Kills - Midnight Boom
Sexy, edgy, raw. This album makes me just chill out. 'U R A Fever', 'Cheap and Cheerful', 'Last Days of Magic' and 'M.e.x.i.c.o' are my favourite tracks. Lyrically none of these tracks really make much sense, the melodies are just as strange but there is just something about it that pulls you in.

Jay Sean - All or Nothing
I just love Jay Sean's voice, this album was probably the last time he made anything decent. 'Lights Out' was the anthem of my life for a good while, 'Down' (twilight mix) is so beautiful. But I still think he should have stuck with Rishi Rich and Juggy D. 

Eminem - The Eminem Show

This is arguably the best overall album Eminem has ever released. Tracks like 'White America', 'Without Me', 'Square Dance', 'Cleanin' Out My Closet' and 'Sing For The Moment' are just staples when you think of Em, then you see a vulnerable side to Shady with 'Hailie's Song' and then you just marvel at the features. The lyrics just seem to have come so easily to him - he wrote nearly every track and produced all but three which were produced by Dr Dre. Seriously I just really love this album.
Notorious B.I.G - Greatest Hits
I heard this album quite late on into my teenage years and I think thats why I liked it- I'm not sure I would have really paid much attention to it when I was into my emo-y music lol. But yeah much to my husbands pain I am actually a Biggie Fan and not really into Tupac like don't get me wrong lyrically he's phenomenal and way ahead of his time and to this day blows most rappers out of the water but... It's just not as much fun. You can have so much fun to most Biggie tracks. 

P. Diddy - We Invented the Remix

YEEEEEEEEEEEEES. Diddy randomly just shouting stuff all the time is just the best lol. Don't hate me but I like the 'Bad Boy for Life' remix better than the original. 

I will add more, I just can't think of anything but being ill now so laters.




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