Friday, 9 May 2014

Fashion trends I really hate...

There are  lots of fashion I don't like... usually because I can't pull them off but some of them are just gross and tacky as far as I'm concerned and after talking to friends, I just realised I really dislike a lot of things, I'm just not very easily impressed I guess. Things annoy me quite quickly, I am not really sure why. So yeah these fashion trends really piss me off, it's like I can see this stupid stuff everywhere and it's like "you do realise how dumb you look? Please tell me I'm not the first person to point this out". I think you should dress in what compliments and suits your body and personality, not what is in atm and is on everyone. But yeah here we go:

1) Ass-cheek short shorts.

I don't care how nice of an ass you have bitch, I don't want to see your fucking asscheeks hanging out. Cover that up - I get it, it's a little warm and now you are gunna start fucking stripping but seriously there is no point in you wearing those shorts, it's just painful to look I mean like isn't that giving you a wedgie? Like is that comfortable? Because it sure as fuck does NOT look it. I love seeing girls try to casually, undercover fix a wedgie, it's like "I saw you". Hahaha. I saw you pull your g-string shorts out of your ass crack - it wouldn't be there if you just fucking wore normal shorts.

2) Fringing

What they fuck is with that detailing? I just can't deal with it. I just think it's just so lazy and really quite tacky, something that could have been understated and elegant ends up looking like a ten-year-old stuck a bunch of crap on it. And there doesn't seem to be a length that is universally acceptable, some are super long and some and like Hailey-Paramore-stupid-fringe short. When it's all over an item of clothing it looks like you're gunna start doing a weird erotic dance like those Gatsby Girls, it disturbs me. there is just too much movement, it's alive and I can't process that.

3) High-waisted items

Hahahahahahaaaaaa. OMG every time I see anything high waisted I just think it looks like you are wearing a nappy. Like tucking your top into your jeans or skirt or what ever, is the best way to make the top half of you look dumpy. Your ass look strangely long, your stomach looks like weird roll in your trousers when you sit down, it's just not a good look please stop that shit, babes. Not even celebrities can pull them off, they are just a no fly zone and omg if you're a midget like me them you need to stay away from them like they are radioactive.

4) Flat platforms

These confuse me so much, I don't get how you walk in them. They look uncomfortable and awkward. I've rarely seen a chick that pulls them off. They are just so ugly. Walking in them looks weird too, it totally looks like you're plodding along, you can't walk in remotely attractive or even normal way with them.

5) Contrast Dip Hemline Dresses

The ones that are short at the front and long at the back. They are just like you couldn't decided whether you were cold or hot - it's so annoying. And they blow about awkward to. They were everywhere for a while and they just look like a fucking mistake. It's like the dress wasn't finished, like the person making didn't quite have time to cut the back but it needed to be shipped then and there so they were like "It is a new fashion trend!" and everyone was like "omg it's so amazing" but the were all looking at eachother like "wtf?!". Please stop with that.

6) Nipples


7) Leggings

Wearing them as trousers, like I have a few mates that do this but they wear thick ones, not basically tights that give me a perfect view of your fucking ass crack or underwear - keep tomorrows laundry to yourself. Ugh. Especially if you don't have the legs for it - I know you should/could wear what ever you like but I think you should wear what suits your body type, to compliment you. The lads at college used to call one of the girls on our course "kebab legs" - granted it wasn't a nice nickname and wasn't very intelligent but she was a horrible person, I know that makes it no better but she was really not nice and they all knew it was just a joke. Seriously, just wear jeans or even jeggings if you really need it to be that tight. 

8) Frilly socks

You are not 5 anymore. It's just not cute, it's just like pedo-y. You look like you forgot to take them of after roleplay - creepy, not cute, just majorly fucking creepy. Seriously when they are with like stripper heels, I find it so hard not to fucking gag. It's just too much for me. Socks can be so statement with all the awesome and colourful designs, they are like nail wraps for your entire foot.

9) Crop tops

UGH. Abs - look, I have them, a flat stomach - I have it. It's attention seeking and stupid, I hate them. You look like you grew out of it years ago but love it too much to chuck it. I always think that sexy is leaving a little to imagination, not showing as much flesh as possible and still somehow being clothed. Just wear a top that is like a few inches longer. Omg crop tops with high waisted short shorts... wait... I need to throw up. It's like your clothes length is playing opposite day. I just think it's an ugly look. Especially when they are like that matching pattern shit, ugh.

10) Studs and Spikes

Why have you got half a dead porcupine stuck to the front of your shoe? I don't get this fashion at all. I just can't understand why you want a sea urchin halved and stuck to your shoulders. It looks ugly and weird. How do you wash that? Do yo like sterilse the spikes with a cloth and dettol? It's just so strange. I don't own a single item of clothing with this sadistic detailing at all because... it's fucking weird.

Anyways, what fashion makes you gag?




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