Friday, 30 May 2014

Summer Mocktails :D

I love a good mocktail, most of the bill when my husband and I go out to a meal is my drinks tbh! But it's not always possible to find drinks on the shelves that have a few flavours in and taste great so I went and got my self a pretty pink and clear plastic drinks cup with a straw so I can always have yummy drinks, I even got a love-heart icecube tray! Lol but yeah so I had the pretty cup and pretty cubes but no drinks to put in so I started experimenting...

1) Pear, Apple and Elderflower Sparkler
I really love this drink, it's fresh and yummy, it goes well with food and it just great to carry around while it's hot. So I keep tinned pears around the house pretty much all the time because I don't have the patience to wait for the bastards to ripen so I always have a supply of pear syrup stuff that I end up chucking down the sink before I recycle the tin. One time I was about to chuck it out and I saw my cup that had a small amount of apple juice in so I mixed the two and just for good measure - and cuz it was quite thick -  I added some elderflower presse and there I had a yummy as hell drink.
So grab your cup or glass and add apple juice until it's about a quarter filled then add the elderflower presse until it's about 3/4 full, lastly keep adding pear syrup until it tastes good :D

2) Lemon Ice Tea
I used to buy, Liptons Iced Tea all the time and I do still love it but when I am in a rush around lunch time when I am off to have lunch with my hubby I just can't be bothered to pop into a store to grab some so instead while I am waiting for his lunch to cool, cook or whatever I make this.
Take your Cup and cold water to it, stir in tea bag until the water looks like weak tea, add lemon slices, lemon juice and honey to taste, finally drop your ice cubes in and you have one yummy, homemade iced tea.

3) Lime Zing
This drink was actually a total accident. For one of our date nights I had decided I would make sorbet... however I hadn't read the full recipe before starting it and half way through it called for egg - my hubby is severely allergic to egg - like anaphylactic so I was a bit buggered and wasn't sure what to do. It smelled so fresh and really tangy so I added a little to some ice water and it was like all my taste buds had gotten licked by a lime - it was so good, my hubby tried and also loved it and now it's my go to for fancy drinks.
Get four limes, juice them all and grate the zest of two, add the lime juice and zest to two cups of water, stir together and add this all to a pan, simmer gently whilst adding two table spoons of sugar and a pinch of salt, the mixture should slowly thicken just slightly. Cool and then add to ice water when you want - basically use it like a squash or cordial.

4) Cranberry, Lemonade and Apple
I love cranberry juice, like I can drink litres of the stuff - my little sister however didn't like the bitter taste when she was younger but she still wanted to drink it so I would mix have a glass of cranberry juice with a 1/4 apple juice and 1/4 lemonade to cut the bitterness for her and she loved it. I now make it for myself when I miss her or when I am at my Maa's.

5) Iced chocolate Moncha
Yes that does in fact say Moncha - I do know that the drink is called a mocha but because I make these they are called Moncha's - deal with it. Get a glass, add two-three teaspoons of chocolate flavored milkshake mix, then fill with milk to the desired level and stir, add two spoonfuls of sugar, one spoon of coffee and stir until all coffee granules are totally dissolved, drizzle in chocolate syrup and drop in some icecubes and sip away! You can use any milk you want, I use lactose free milk cuz I'm intolerant but it still tastes good!

You can mix up all of the drinks here to suit your taste or mood, so get going!

Whats your favourite drink in the summer?



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