Saturday, 24 May 2014

To the child I will one day have.

I don't promise to be the perfect mother. I don't promise I will always be right. I don't promise you will always think I'm a nice person however I do promise to love you, forever and infinity. I will make you smile at least once a day. I will teach you everything I know to be good. I will give you all the patience I can. I will  kiss you everyday. I will hug you everyday. I will do everything in my power to protect you. I will always be there in some shape way or form. You can always come to me with everything and anything. I will praise your small achievements as well as big, but I will always push you to be better; I will never let you do anything but your best. I will take your bad with your good and let you make your own decisions and mistakes were I feel you are meant to. I will never allow you raise your voice to me. You may not like my way or agree with it but I am only trying to give you the tools in life that you require. I will make you eat your vegetables and lie about their benefits. I will pretend there is a monster that takes little naughty kids away. I will tell you off when you have done wrong and sanction you. I  will care for your mental well being as well as your physical well being. I will kiss better cuts and tickle tears away. I will nurse fevers and change nappies. I will blow raspberries on your belly. I will chase you around at the park. I will try not to be embarrassing but it's hard not to be when you're me. I will try to understand you and help you grow as much as I can.

I will read to you. I will help you with homework. I will help you get dressed in the morning. I will teach you to use your manners. I will teach you to tidy up after yourself. I will do my best to teach right from wrong. I will try to never dim your own personality. I will make one your favourite meals at least once a week.  I let you stay up during holidays. You can have sleepovers. I will plan awesome birthday parties. You will have the coolest bedroom. I will give you all you want, within reason but you must deserve it.

When you are a teenager I will have "the talk" with you. I will explain to the fullest of my ability what you will go through, I promise you can come to me with any question and I will answer it. When you like someone you can tell me, I promise to be a shoulder to rest your head on and whine about them. When you're having a tough time with exams I promise to try and help. When you come home after skiving the day I will go apeshit because I will find out as I see everything when it comes to you. I will try to grow with you as a parent. I will support you and guide you with the decisions you make regarding education and what you want to do with your life. I will always be there for a hug when everything feels like it is falling apart. You can call me up anytime of the day or night and I will be at the other end. You can always bring your washing home to me. You can always come home, whenever you want, for whatever reason. I will always be honest about my opinions when you ask for them. I will always try to be the voice of reason. 

I will try my level best to not embarrass you in front of your partner - but I don't promise. I will love then regardless as long as they make you happy. I will try not to stick my nose into your relationship and only give advice when it is asked for. I will be honest about if you have ugly babies (OMG hahaha). I will always be around to babysit or help out if/as/when you require it.

I hope when I'm gone and there is only my memory left you will think I did alright. There is no manual, no instructions and when the time comes I will be running around like a headless chicken trying to do right by you. I hope I get it right. I hope you grow up to be a happy, good human being with a fulfilling life and loving people surrounding you. I hope anyone who meets you is left with a good impression or you teach them something. I hope you smile and laugh everyday. I hope you live your life the way you want to with no holding back and no regrets.

I hope I can be everything you need.

Lots of love


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