Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Top Ten Faves!

I really like little baby yoghurts, I don't care if they are for kids... they make me happy. So it's been a while since I did one of these but like not much has changed in the things I use but hey ho! Omg I have been getting a lot of view from the Middle East... Should I be afraid? Lol. I don't know how well I translate tbh! Like I am very... not general audience friendly, like if I was a tv program I would so have to be on after the water shed!

So yeah here they are:

1) Dove Purely Pampering Lotion
I've used like three different ones of this range and they all smell like heaven and moisturize so well, like my husband even noticed that I was just so soft, lots of extra snuggles :) It is a little heavy but I like that it doesn't dry up straight after you put it on.

2)  Simple Kind To Skin Pore Minimising Toning Cleanser
I don't use anything else on my face on a daily basis. I use it on a flannel to scrub my skin and remove dirt or makeup and then I use it like a lotion and just rub a generous amount into my skin and my skin has never ever been better or clearer. I love it. It has things like Witchhazel, Vitamin E and Chamomile in which are all great for skin. It is pore tightening so I tend to focus on blackheads or pores that need a little extra cleaning before I use it just because after your pores are like tighter that the leggings on a morbidly obese girl.

3) Argan Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Treatment
I can't find a link for this one but it's the one that is dark brown and has like a greeny/yellow coloured lid on Google. You can get it from most discount stores - I've seen some real negativity for it and the company that owns it but it has been like an angel peed on my hair, it's so soft and silky - it smells like heaven, like my hubby loves the smell of it. So my hair started falling out earlier in the year, it does this every now and again , just decides it no longer likes me and wants to leave so yeah I wake up with clumps of it on my pillow, when I shower it's like a cat died in the plug- but I have only ever found my hair in food that I've cooked like 10 times in the two years I have been cooking for my hubby. But yeah so I was looking for a change from my normal Elvive routine, I had switched to using the new Fibrology one at the time in lieu of my normal Nutri-gloss Crystal Shine Sparkle to try and salvage my ever thinning locks but nothing was working, it continued to fall, it was getting dire and I was getting upset. I think I went into Poundland to get some sweets and saw the bottle, I thought "Hey £2, if it's crappy then I'll just chuck it away" but it turned out to be so good for my hair. I use the shampoo and conditioner every other day, and the hair treatment once a week, with my hair being so long and having major OCD about stuff getting in/on it I have to keep it clean, I know they say you shouldn't wash your hair too much but tbh I always maintain that everyone knows their skin/hair best and instinct is a great thing, so is trial and error so yeah if washing your hair once a week works for you, then go you! And likewise if washing it everyday does too then, yay you!

4) Primark Nail Polishes
So I love Primark - they do the softest t-shirts, socks, pyjamas and they are the best for period pants lol  plus they have super cute house stuff but when they came out with a makeup range I wasn't really interested until that is I saw the funky colours, I did a little review searching and found that the got generally good reviews - now my hubby usually buys me my nail polishes, like he will see a colour or bottle and want it for me so he will buy it but yeah I am too lazy. But there was a box four really cute colours for only £2.00 so I thought while I was picking up spare pillow cases I would grab a little box. The quality is pretty good and they stay put too, I think like 5 days later after normal wear and tear I still had nails that weren't noticeably chipped, and that was without top coat. The glitter polishes were awesome like seriously I loved them. So yeah worth a try!

5) Body Shop Amazonian Wild Lily (alcohol-free) Perfume Oil
So I have like really dark underarms which is you know, whatever, whatevs as I don't wear vest tops or anything that shows my underarms but it still gets to me - it just looks dirty to me, like I know it's not but to me it just looks it, after some research, trail and error and basically nothing working I decided I needed to stop using aerosol/chemical deodorant and sprays to try and help my skin but to do so I needed an effective substitute for a few days I used just baby powder but it was a pain in the ass cuz I sweat like a onion in a pan when it's hot so I had to keep going to a bathroom wiping it off and topping it up - too much hassle. My Maa for my birthday had given me £100 for a mini shopping spree but me being me couldn't find anything to buy after about an hour and only spending £80, I decided to treat myself to a giant slushie and take a break from clothes shopping, I wandered into The Body Shop and saw this little adorable bottle. I smelt the musk one first and then the cherry blossom one, both of which smell gorgeous; just not very me (also I was looking for a new perfume as mine was beginning to not suit me) but yeah then I picked up the Lily one and it was just perfect - I bought two bottles and have been using the ever since instead of deodorant. I properly like hounded my hubby to tell me honestly if I smell and he said I don't and as far as I can tell I don't either. I apply it once in the morning after wiping/exfoliating the area and once before bed too and my underarms are a smidge lighter, but the thing I'm most happy with is I get no blocked pores or ingrown hairs whatsoever, like I used to get a few blocked pores all the time and an ingrown hair atleast once a month but nothing since I have switched, hair removal is easier too. I also use a dab on the neckline of my tops just for a little added wear during the day. All in all I love the product, I keep a bottle in my bathroom for home use and carry the other one in my handbag at all times just incase I feel like a top up, which isn't often. Give it a go! I'm trying to convert my little sister who is really struggling with asthma at the moment and has been advised to cut aerosols out of her routine completely.

6) Tea
So I drink tea like any other bengali/brit - so shit loads, we love a good cup of tea; it's like all the world can go to fuck during our tea moment or it can join in with our tea moment like we can all sit down and just hash out the worlds problems if we just all had a cup of tea. But yeah I have this giant ass mug I usually drink out of and I drink like quite a few cups in a day too, which is not very healthy and due to medical reasons I was told I need to cut down on my caffeine intake for a while which didn't really sit well with me, I mean I don't really have many vices. So while I was out with my Maa on one of the occasions she came to visit, she got me this super cute Ella Sabatini tea cup set from Debenhams - it's a really simple design but it's completely clear which makes it a little quirky also it's tiny which means I can't drink loads of it but I still get to have a little. But yeah it's like my little morning thing - I drink my tiny cup of tea while the hubby eats his breakfast. It's cool cuz like my whole tea routine has lots of love in it - the kettle I use to boil the water was a gift from my Maa - it's a polka dot one!!! The cup and saucer was a gift from my Maa too, the spoon was part of a set that was given to me by my friend to smells like fairies as a birthday present and I also stole her silicone pear shaped tea strainer but yeah everything I use makes me smile every morning. I like presents like that, ones that you will use often and that will make you feel surrounded by those you love.

7) Sesame Seeds
OMG  I'm like a crack addict with sesame seed anything - snaps, caramel balls, in stuff , on stuff. If it has sesame seeds I want it. I just love it.

8) Oranges
Idk what is wrong with my rather out of control addiction to oranges - jelly, fruit, juice, squash. Just anything with oranges in it - I keep buying a litre carton of orange juice when I go to have lunch with my hubby and by the time I get home I've drunk it all. I cut up an orange in the morning and eat it like one of the walkers out of the Walking Dead would eat brains. Help me...

9) My Playlist
I have this one pretty much all of the day. As soon as I wake up it goes on for the hubby to get ready too, he is like me - he NEEDS music and then during the day it's on until he comes home. I'm loving some of the tracks on there that I have added recently - all my hubby's suggestions.

10) The 100
Omg. I like morbid books and tv series' - apocalypse that shit up and I am a happy little bunny and this show is just that. This is a tv series based on a book. We are all good so far. It's on E4 that I have just got into, 97 years ago there was an almighty ass war and everyone got nuked. The only known survivors were residents of twelve space stations that were orbiting the Earth before everything got mushroom-clouded, these twelve space stations then come together to form what they call "The Ark" where just under 3000 people live. As you can imagine they don't have much up there so you do something wrong, it doesn't matter what it is then babes you are on a one way trip into a blackhole, they "float" you off into space and you ain't never coming back. Shit is a bit dire to say the least. But it gets worst the life support systems are failing and carbon dioxide poisoning is beginning to set it for everyday they try to fix the system, the number of people the must "float" to save the rest goes up by 10 and so far (series 2) it's nearing 200. So they send a bunch of juvi prisoners - 100 to be exact to see if life on earth is yet sustainable. And it turns out it if you can survive the crazy-ass, nuclear-radiated, mutant-fucked wildlife, acid storms, lack of pretty much anything and everything and each other (remember these guys are mostly criminals) then maybe just maybe there might be a chance, unless you piss the "grounders" off. So after everything went boom, somehow there were human survivors (which kinda makes sense now I think about it, cuz if there are animals that survived then surely a few humans did too - even if they have like extra ears or some shit) and they are called "grounders", so far all I can tell is they are bad ass at camouflage, awesome at surviving, are territorial and just a bit like undiscovered tribes. But yeah I have an episode plused for tonight!!!!

So that was my top ten. I'm sorry I haven't really posted lately I just sort of fell of the bike a bit and wasn't sure how to get back on. You know how I hate posting when I have nothing to post about or am not feeling it. I have a feeling that I'll be in a more posty mood so keep checking the blog for updates :)



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