Monday, 15 September 2014

50 things you didn't know about me

1. I love baking.
2. Moths terrify me.
3. I can watch Pitch Perfect over and over (5 times back to back is my record so far). 
4. I love first edition books.
5. I can touch my nose with my tongue.
6. I have an A* in iGCSE English.
7. I broke a car door once.
8. I also broke a front door. 
9. Seven years of bad luck just started cuz I broke a mirror yesterday.
10. I licked my elbow once.
11. I am terrible at maths, apart from algebra.
12. I don't like Carol Ann Duffy - like at all.
13. I burn candles every night.
14. I used to be a tom boy.
15. Mr Men and Little Miss books fascinate me.
16. I love Avatar : Legend of Aang/Korra.
17.  Once in a school nativity play I was meant to be an angel but my cousin booed face off until they asked me to give it to her and I got stuck playing the drum in the corner of the hall at the back.
18. Also completely unrelated once I hit a drum so hard I broke the fucking stick.
19. I hate Jane Austen books.
20. I've read the dictionary.
21. I still sleep with my baby blanket.
22. I fucking hate Sharon fruit.
23. The first horror movie I watched was called Godsend.
24. I can't drive.
25. I used to bite my nails so badly.
26. All my wisdom teeth have either come through completely or are growing.
27. I love candy floss/cotton candy.
28. My first pet was a rabbit.
29. I really enjoy video games.
30. I passed out on a roller coaster once.
31. I've a scar above my left eye from where I got punched in the face when I was 14.
32. I used to sleep walk.
33. I grind my teeth when I'm stressed or feeling anything negative.
34. I've lived in a haunted house.
35. I try to customise all my clothing.
36. My brother looks exactly like me apart from he is lighter and a boy.
37. I have really soft feet.
38. I haven't cut my hair in four years.
39. I punch really hard.
40. The first band I went to see was Blue at 2.10FM's Summer Excess. 
41. I've moved house more than 10 times.
42. I find baths strange, essentially you're just chilling in dirty water.
43. I get really bad nose bleeds.
44. I collect coke bottles.
45. I have a thing about the number three.
46. I hate clocks that tick audibly. 
47. I have a cartilage piercing.
48. Playdoh is my favourite form of therapy. 
49. I've never watched Grease.
50. I'm pregnant, third trimester :)


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