Monday, 8 December 2014

The Lammily Doll

 I feel like the only person who doesn't like this doll. I'm sorry but being able to stick on stretch marks and spots just makes me focus on mine. If our girls are looking at a doll or a mannequin and thinking that it is a representation of what she should look like then surely that's something wrong we are teaching our kids? Why are they connecting with an inanimate object that is meant for play as oppose to a real person?

For me it just doesn't make sense. I never wanted to have a turtle shell because Leonardo had one - it's just a toy. 

We're giving it too much gravity. 

The fact our daughters want to be like a doll tells us that we are failing to provide a real life role model and that's on US, not the doll 

Why aren't mums role models anymore? My Maa was mine. And tbh most of the girls I knew wanted to grow to be just like their mums or someone they knew personally. Why are young children going out of their way to find role models in circles that shouldn't particularly interest them? As a child I can't think of many that gave a shit about celebrities, we were too busy with bey blades and scraped knees. We've let our children be exposed to too much and taken away their childhood.

Sometimes I think maybe I'm just old but then my sister is of this generation and she feels the same. She thinks the parents of her peers have let them down by exposing them. Allowing them view content that far exceeds their years and giving them freedom that they are not emotionally ready for has altered their thoughts and view irreparably.

I mean is it just me? Or do you not think it's unhealthy that a child views people that are obviously not part of normal society as normal? They are celebrities for a reason because they aren't a normal person. Why are we not telling kids that?

Anyways, my son is summoning me!



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