Monday, 26 January 2015

Hey Sugartits!

The whole not sleeping shit is dire. I'm so sleepy but on the plus side I was back to my pre-pregnancy body in a week. No one could tell I'd had a baby! Three weeks after I was back in my heels, which was such a good feeling. Like I didn't have to excersise or diet or anything. 

But the thing that's hardest is the feeding. Like holy unicorns and rainbows, fuck me is it hard. The growth spurts, the night feeds and sometimes hourly feeds are crazy.

Like don't get me wrong I love nursing my baby. It makes me feel close to him, it makes me feel secure. From the start he latched perfectly and the made me confident but it does shatter the bejesus out of you. Oh and now I have mastitis (heehee it has the word 'tit' in) which I can tell you is a shitload of Fuck That mined from the deepest parts of Nopeville in the good state of Fuck No. It's agony. 

But I was, in my agony filled feeding session thinking of ways to help alliviate some of the hardship and this is what came up:

1) Cushioning 

Seriously duck feather pillows, hollow fibre pillows, memory foam pillows, scatter cushions, bolsters, neck rolls, kidney cushions whatever the fuck you want, you get. The more support and cushioning you have the more comfortable you will be abc that eases strain from your neck, shoulders, arms and back. 

2) Snacks

I keeps slices of cake, cut fruit, chocolate, a cold drink, a hot drink, a full meal, toast and sweets all next to me during the day just to keep me going. Don't get me wrong I'm perfectly capable of feeding and doing stuff simultaneously but it's just easier to have it by me already. 

3) Entertainment

3am feeds are fucking hard, what am I saying? Feeds are always hard. I always have my phone near by along with my charger, I'm always plusing stuff on Sky to watch in the middle of the night, I save pages and videos to watch/read too. It's the best way to stat awake for me seen as I gave up caffeine (apart from one cup of coffee a week). Me and Zaaki have watched all of the Harry Potters, Ocean's and such. It's just a good way to occupy lots of time just sat doing not much. 

4) Stretchy clothing

Buy some tubular grip big enough to go over your boobs, honestly it's the best thing you will do. I didn't bother buying any nursing clothes I just wore my stretchy, soft clothes- I found it the easiest. I won't end up with a bunch of clothes that I will never wear. I mean my pregnancy clothing are still in my everyday clothing rotations. 

5) Yeah Buddy!

Find someone who is usually up at ridiculous hours of the night and chat with them. A friend of mine was pregnant and had her daughter around the same time as I had Zaaki and we are forever up at random AM having the oddest talks. 

See? It's a very odd phase in the day. 





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