Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Monica watches: The 100 S2 Ep2

Seriously this is getting too much. I'm binge watching with a massive head ache but who cares. Let's get this ooooon:

But the baby. I don't care about anything else where is the baby?! Fuck the previous shit. The BABY?!
The drop ship did pretty well. Cool. 
Listen to Bellamy!! Listen to him. 
They aren't your people they are Bellamy's. Fuck you. 
"Well this should be fun". You're such a bitch Murphy.
Trigger happy, bitch. I don't like her. 
What's the exodus charter?
Mount Weather is fucky.
Who is Miller?
Maya is a bitch. 
Dead guy. Eww he looks messed up. Gross. 
Omg the baby. Wait is that real? Sounds funny. He found it. Where is it?!  Omg the drawer!! OMG BABY. 
How does Clarke's mum have nice hair?
Omg Raven legs. Omg. OMG. Noooooo. Ewww omg she's gunna be awake. During. The. Surgery. Fuck that shit. I only gave birth and I had druuuuugs. 
Don't kill OCTAVIA!!! No!?
Hell yeah you need to talk you creepy old man. Yeah liar. Bullet hole, bitch. Oh :/ arrow?
Don't manipulate her. 
Don't go anywhere with him. 
The baby is so cute. Awww he's going to save the baby. Who left it? Such bitches. 
Oh god. They're going to cut it out of her spine. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. 
Omg Raven scared. No. But Raveb isn't scared of anything. It's okay! You can do it!
Oh god the screaming. 
Yeah Murphy you bitched out. Traitor. They tortured you for three days?! So no one likes you anyway. 
That's a guy screaming. Omg. Like last time. It's a warning. Oh god that's brutal. 
I don't like Tsing. She's weird. 
Eww. The dead guy. 
Hey what was that look? Why do they have the arrow if he pushed it out in the field? What did he do carry it home with him? Fuck off, arrow. 
Chess peice? How did he...? :/ 
A missile? Will that work?
Seriously, that's a cute baby. 
Outside? OMG. But it's just a baby. He will die. They don't have suits small enough for him.
She made it through the surgery. OMG. Raven. I. Love. You. 
Clarke's mum is going to do something s t u p i d. 
Marcus is such a prick. 
Do it, lady!
Wait she's not dead. Lincoln mate saved her? OMG Lincoln. Noooooo. Why does he keep telling her to run? 
Hahahaa. Thank you for saving my life but I'ma need to borrow yours now. 
Yeah you tell 'em, O!!! She's so dead now :/
Is that a dude? Huh? Grounder is so weird. Just give her Lincoln. Omg the healer helped you. You're not really gunna kill him right. 
Her foot twitched!! Oh no. The other one. So like her lower leg is fucked. 
You're not a cripple, Raven. You're amazing and smart and funny and kickass. 
Really, Finn? Your day is her. 
OMG. Go get them, Finn. Raven you are amazing. 
She doesn't trust them for a reason. Jasper, you're a little bitch. 
Ungrateful ass? She's suspicious cuz she's smart. You dumb fuck. 
You can do it. Awww baby. Omg seriously a bit if insulation? That baby is so not going to make it. Aww he's crying. Omg a crack. That's bad. Omg. What if it breaks? Oh god. I can't watch. 
Simple plan, much. Fly across space, don't die, get in a missile, don't die. 
Fuck he's squashed the baby. 
Where's the baby?! OMG omg omg!!!!
Dad?! Omg. He imagined it!!!! OMG omg. Wells. Omg. 
You're not done. You can make it. They neeeeeeed you, Jaha. You would tell him to carry on!! You can't give up. Oh god but Wells you don't understand - you're not always with him. You're dead. 
Omg he's alone again. 
Omg. Wells. At least maybe he will get to see his grave one day. 
Yeah! They're going to save the others. Go now! Before someone comes! Jasper is such a twerp. 
Eww the burns dude. He's so gross. 
What is she gunna do?
What is she up to?
OMG Clarke wtf?! OMG. Nooooo. Ewwww. That's brutal.  My arm hurts now. 
He launched. Oh this looks bad. 
Lincoln!!!! Yaaay!!! She did it!!
Reapers!!! Noooo!!!! What even?! Why are reapers? Here?? What do they even reap?? Why are they called reapers?!
Wait Jaha isn't a pancake. Omg. He made it. Sand is soft. Is he on a beach? Bit far off, much? Where is he? 
They got out! Yes. Oops. Clarke's mum is such a badass. Oh Miller's dad. Maybe he's gunna be a big character. 
Clarke is so pretty. Oooh. The burns dude. Why isn't he waking up?
What is that thing? The blood. 
Where does that go? 
Not really dressed for that kinda action are you?
What's in the vent?
Fuck a duck. They are draining people. Omg. She was right. Wait there are cages. OMG. Fucking hell.
Is that Anya? Omg. Omg. OMG. 

The cliff hangers on this show are fucking intense. I'm can't deal with it. I have to watch the next one NOW or I will explode. 


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