Friday, 27 March 2015


So did anyone like the posts on The 100? Like I was going to do it for all of them but I just wasn't feeling it so yeah that why they stopped. This is just a random thoughts blog tbh. 

Omg so much has gone on in my life lately. 

So omg I went to Paris for like a day with my husband, without my baby boy- my Maa had him. Paris was amazing, everything is so soft, delicate and just so perfect like I felt so brash and loud! Seriously though if I have any readers in Paris and you guys feel like showing me around you should totally get in touch! We stayed at this gorgeous hotel on Rue De Ecoles, it was stunning. Like OMG it was just so beautiful. We did all the tourist things- love lock bridge, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and we had an amazing time. I can't wait to go back. We've decided we want to go back at least once a year as a couple, to have like a time out and enjoy each other, you know? I feel like that's where couples get it wrong - for instance Raj works 9-5 which really means 6:30am to 8pm and it's like idk because I don't work I get to enjoy the small time we have during the week a lot in comparison to other women. Like I couldn't imagine going to work and then coming home and trying to entertain my son and be a wife. I'm pretty sure I would just die - if you do this, you deserve like a medal or some sort of  recognition cuz seriously you rock. But yeah what I mean is people know that their partner is always there and probably going through the same shit so they allow themselves to get into a rut of taking each other for granted and that's where problems start. I confuses me that new mums can be "touched out" after spending the day with the baby and like how people want to be alone to chill. I swear I feel like the most co-dependant person ever sometimes. If I've had a bad day whether it be down to arguing with sister (who is being such a total lemon atm, like just say "sorry" and we are done) or I'm feeling unwell or our son has been fussy non-stop all I want is to snuggle my husband, maybe have a little cry, eat some crap food but essentially I just want him. I want to sit with him. Just be next to him. He makes everything better (apart from when he is the problem, which is rare but when he is; it's usually a big thing). Everything just melts away when I bury my head into his shoulder- I can deal with anything and everything. Is that weird? Like I haven't seen other people since I got back from Paris. I can go weeks where my husband is the only other human I actually see and I feel like there is nothing wrong with this. I've spoken to other people, I mean I text and call my family/mates all day. My best friend Kirsty and I never stop talking. 4am chats and just throughout the day utter nonsense. Also have a really special relationship with my friend Chu who lives in NY, even though we live so many time ones and miles apart we are so caught up on each others lives, you know? My Siblings I know what they had to eat today, if they have homework (Weetabix), what page of what book they are reading, I know down to the littlest detail even though I don't live with them anymore. Idk I'm just really nosy I guess. 

Omg so I'm totally obsessed in The 100 as we all know but also Gotham is everything on a Monday. I can't even talk when it's on. It's just too amazing and OMG on Friday Marvel: Agents of Shield is back which is too awesome. Seriously no babies are going to be born this year, last year everyone seemed to have gotten up the duff all at once like there was something in the water or as my husband put it "the weather was shit so everyone stayed in but TV was so bad to avoid watching it everyone just had sex" I'm paraphrasing of course I can't really remember his exact words. TV is so good now all that needs to come back is Some Girls, My Mad Fat Diary, Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: Legend Of Korra. 

My son is a currently on my lap kicking me in the chest and blowing sloppy gross raspberries at me. Lol! He's dribbling everywhere. OMG he just hit himself in the face and is like "what the hell just happened?" Omg he so cute. Meh. 

Anyways, I gots to go! Baby needs feeding!



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