Wednesday, 22 April 2015

BO? Sort your shit, thankssssbyyyye.

So I stopped wearing deodorant and antiperspirant when I found out I was up the duuuuuff. I even stopped wearing nail varnish. Idk I just felt uncomfortable using so many different chemicals on my body, I switched quite a few products to try and reduce the chemicals in my life I know it was probably a waste of time and whatever but it made me feel better so yeah that's why I did it.
You're probably thinking "omg she must stink" and tbh I thought I would too but surprisingly I didn't. I mean with being Asian and all I totally expected to reak like a fucking pickled onion left in the sun after being doused with milk, like I thought one of my mates was going to go all Khloe Kardashian when Kourtney went Warrior Preggers and totally quit antiperspirant so she smelt real bad. So the reason I didn't stun small animals with my smell was because I stopped using mainstream deodorants/antiperspirants, yes but I replaced it with an oil based perfume from The Body Shop and it was the best thing ever. Like when I first started doing it I relentlessly asked Raj if I smelt and I was s u p e r self-conscious  because it feels strange not using a spray but once you get used to it it's cool. Now I know I don't smell and I like the way the perfume mixes with my natural scent.

Personally I think it smells a lot better and more natural than any deodorant I have used, it doesn't clash with my other products it gently adds to my overall smell, also I don't get any staining on my clothes, my underarms are lighter than before (omg I actually HATE my underarms so bad cuz they are dark, ugh), I no longer get any blocked pores or ingrown hairs, one thing I thing is super awesome as well is that it's a tiny bottle but it lasts 
f o r e v e r. Like I bought the two bottles last year, they still haven't finished and I use them every day, multiples times so value for money wise it crazy good. Although I have noticed recently that it's not working as well but I still love the smell so I thoight about it logically - sweat is caused by bacteria, how can you get rid of bacteria? Purell. It's what's I'm using at the moment with a few dabs of the oil perfume on pulse points and I love it. 

It made me think that there must be lots of things you can use instead of spray or roll-on deodorants, it's a case of finding what's right for you so I did a little research and here is what I found:

1) Natural Deodorants
Using things like potassium aluminium sulphate it inhibits the bacteria on the skin that cause odour. They tend to be free from parabens, alcohol, fragrances and propellants and from what I can tell they last a while. 
 Try shops like 
Holland and Barretts

2) Oils
These obviously contain chemicals and such but the oils soak into your skin allowing it to still breathe (read: sweat) but you don't smell and it lasts forever. You can pick a smell close to your own perfume or even one that uses one of the notes in your perfume to add emphasis to that note.
So far I could only find this actual shop that sells them but there are many online shops that you could use. The only reason I'm not linking them in is because I've not used them myself but a little searching never hurt anyone. 
Body Shop

3) Milk of Magnesia 
This is magnesium hydroxide in a suspension form. It has so many uses and you can pick this up anywhere- Boots, local pharmacy and online. You basically rub a small amount into your underarms and allow it to dry then get dressed as normal. From what I've read it's inexpensive, easy to use, lasts for ages and doesn't leave stains. 

That's all the ones I think are work checking out but like I said it's finding which one is the one for you. 

Would you ditch your sprays and roll-ons and try a more natural approach? Maybe even totally quit and bask in your stench? Hahahaha. I don't advise that, no one likes a minger. 



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