Monday, 27 July 2015

Let's get together.

Okay guys so I know I haven't been posting a lot in the last few months but I've been in a weird funk lately and a few things have been happening but I'm trying to get back into it. 

So back in college I met a girl called Kirsty - she was nice enough and we got along, good acquaintances, you know? When I moved back to Exeter and was pregnant we got back in touch and it turns out she is my brain twin and is as bat shit as me which was lovely. Lol. Pregnancy made us bond and motherhood bought us closer. She is my BFFL! Lol. Check out her tumblr:

The reason I'm telling you about her is because I kinda want to start a YouTube channel with her. Something interactive that takes us out of our comfort zone and pushes us slightly. You know? She is kickass with a makeup brush and I can make stuff? Idk. I was gunna do food but one thing we wanted to do is podcasts (originally videos, but we haven't got the set up T-T") of our dates because we think you guys would wet yourself laughing at some of the horrendous things we say. We are still trying to come up with the fine details. Like names and timetables but we really want to do this. 

Something we really want to run along side it, is a Spreadshirt store - it would be so fucking cool if we did that. We have some really fun ideas that we want to put out out there, that we think are really unique.

Another thing I was thinking about was adding a fanfic side to my blog. My husbands been quite adamant that I should not be even considering this because - in his words- "it's super lame" but I just can't help but feel that isn't true. I set this blog as a way to empty my head and exercise my creativity. The shit you guys put up with from me is ridiculous - I don't really blog for views and yet I have nearly 10,000 views. I blog because I love to write and I love thinking that someone somewhere is laughing at me cuz I am a weirdo. I love expanding ways to connect. At first it was just my blog, then I added my playlist so you guys can listen to what I'm listening to and it got a great response - I've have over 5000 views on that single playlist, I added another playlist last month and that has gained so many views too! I myself out there and I don't think "hey am I boring people?", I mean if I did I would never blog. 

I don't know. It's still really up in the air but I really want to do this. 

What do you guys think?



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