Thursday, 27 August 2015

"That's for girls".

If I hear one more person snigger when I say my son likes to watch My Little Pony I am actually going to lose my shit and throw something at them. 

They make a face or sound like "My Little Pony is for girls" or "he will turn gay". For fucks sake grow up, much? My son likes it because it's colourful and noisy, he is too young to be able to differentiate between gender based stereotypes, like he doesn't know you are a fucking twat, yet. He's a 10-month-old baby. Even when he is older if he wants to fucking watch it, so be it - it has a lovely message and the characters are polite and fun, not like Tip the Mouse or Caillou, those kids are little prats. I love shows like Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom and Peppa Pig they both have great characters, the situations are fun and sweet, the lessons they teach are relevant and thought out. Plus I love Nanny Plum and Miss Rabbit, she's fucking hilarious. I want to get my son a little kitchen set as well as a tool set, I want to teach him to play football and ride a bike but I want him to be able to work a washing machine and make pasta. Please keep your closed minded gender stereotypes to yourself. 
Watching a TV show will not turn you gay, you know what makes you gay? Being male and being sexually attracted to other males. Watching My Little Pony doesn't make you gay, nothing can make you or turn you gay - you don't see two men, kissing and you're like "heh heh I want dick" or two women kissing and your like "heh heh I want to touch vaginas". That's not how it works. TV doesn't influence sexuality. 

And if he is gay, so fucking what? What the fuck has it got to do with you what two consenting, legal people do behind a closed door? You would be horrified at what some straight, conventional couple get up to but because it's "Adam and Eve, and not Adam and Steve" you are chill with it. What about lesbians? "Adam and Eve, not Eve and Ella".  Or bisexuals? "Adam and Eve, not Adam and Eve... And Adam again" Or even pansexuals? I tried for twenty minutes to come up with one but I couldn't, I'm sorry pansexuals; I have failed you. Or asexuals? "Adam and Eve, not Adam and no one". Huh? What about them?

Do you judge everyone on what sexual acts they take part in or what orifices they prefer to put their genitals in/on? Because if you do that's fucking weird. When you meet someone do you just go "oh hey! I'm so-and-so, just quickly are you into buttstuff?". And if not then why? If it's okay to be all "AH MY FUWCKING GAWD!! THAT IS DIGUSTING MAAAAAN" towards gay men then you should be disgusted by straight men that are into it too. And anyway a relationship isn't all about sexual intimacy - it's about being in love and being in a partnership, being friends. As long as you are in a happy (legal) relationship it should not matter who it is with. Love is love. Sexuality and gender is not a 'yes or no' concept, over seven billion people in the world and each of them are different and you think somehow their sexuality/gender can be defined by two different categories? Mate, sit the actual fuck down. That kinda bullshit has no place in my sons life, if you feel like limiting your children- that's you but I do not want my son growing up thinking that girls and boys are only allowed to do set things. I do not give a single fuck about the choices he makes for his life as long as they are legal, safe and they are what make him happy. IT IS HIS LIFE AND HE SHOULD LIVE IF THE WAY HE SEES FIT. 

Sexuality is such a fluid thing, hardly anyone identifies as point blank heterosexual and I'm not saying it in a "OMG LOOK AT THE STRAIGHTIES" kinda way, I mean it in a "look how far society has come" kinda way. The human mind and psyche is about as discovered and understood as the fucking ocean. We don't know what is going on in there most of the time so how can we rigidly define the concept of sexuality and gender.  

I hate it when I'm told to try and shape him and his personality. How about you travel back in time to soviet Russia and help them brain wash people? The only parts of my child's personality/psyche I want to influence are his ability to know the difference between right and wrong and how to love. Everything else is his to chose, I have no dreams for him like "I want him to be a doctor" or whatever, I have three things I want from him:
1) to be happy
2) to be a good human being
3) to be satisfied with the life he has lived

These are the only things I want from him. If he becomes a doctor in several professions, marries a model, has loads of genetically gifted, genius children and has visited every country on the planet and he is sad is it worth it? No. Being successful doesn't always make you happy. I hope he finds a lovely person to settle down with, someone that he shares a sense of humour, outlook on life and that they love each other unconditionally but I'm not going to force him to marry someone I think is right for him, I will plead him not to "play around" when he is a teenager with raging hormones but at the end of the day that choice is his make. I can only give guidance and advice. I want my son to be able to come to me for and with anything, knowing I will be understanding and use every power I have to help him, with no judgement. 
So do me a favour and go raise our own children and give them a childhood they need therapy for, I'll be the parent I wish to be and you be the parent you wish to be. Does that sound okay?

Monica             xxx

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