Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Size 0 is not sexy

Okay. Lets all sit down and talk about this. Like grown ups. I am thoroughly  incensed by the notion that because I am skinny, you are allowed to judge me, label me. You are fucking not allowed to do that. I am NOT "stuck up" because I am skinny. I don't have it easy because I am thin. If so many girls wish they looked like me, why do I get so much fucking hate? I get told to "get over myself", I get called attention seeking. 

I hear and see things like:

"Size 0 is not sexy"
"Men want curves"
"Bones are for dogs"
"Real women have curves"

Anyone who has thought or said any of these, please go, find yourself a nice, quite spot, light some scented candles, put some music on, get comfy and fuck yourself with a cactus. 

You don't get to tell me whether or not my body is sexual- to you my appearance and body type isn't appealing; you aren't my husband so I do not give a fuck about your opinion. Also, you unbuttered slice of toast, a persons sensuality is not just tied up in their tits and ass, it is clear for anyone to see that my husband is very much attracted to me and you know what he likes about me first and foremost? My intelligence; my ability to use words eloquently, the way I can hold a meaningful and interesting conversation, the fact I am not a vacuous, giggling little girl. I refuse to dumb myself down or act dumb in order to get attention, I maintain a level of decorum no matter my situation- he can take me anywhere and know that I can conduct myself in a way that is appropriate. He knows that (for the most part) I can talk to anyone and hold my own. Sexuality and sensuality is so much more than being hot, if you have a horrid personality and are terrible with intimacy you are not really gunna be dinging anyones bell. From confidence and the way you carry yourself to the way you talk and your mannerisms can all contribute. And all men are not the same - you cannot say that every guy, on the face of the earth, is not in - any way sexually attracted to skinny girls, why should anyone give a fuck about whether you make every dick you walk past hard? 

Do you? 

When you walk down the street is it just a plethora of innocent men poking holes in buildings and jamming their steering wheels, with floods of fluid coating the walkways? Are you the Penis Piper? The Willy Wizard? The Chub Charmer? No, so sit the fuck down. Bones are not just for dogs, without your fucking skeleton you would be a pile of blood, fat and organs, sloshing around in a skin bag. Good luck trying to do anything. 

If you are female, you are a real woman, being skinny does not make you fictional. I am not imaginary because you think that my weight is disgusting. You don't have the power to make me into a nonexistent being with you narrow fucking mind. I am still here and I am telling you that you are a fucking douchecanoe, that you can take your opinion of my person and stick in an orifice on your body of your choosing. I shall let you choose, I'm nice like that. 

This sentiment that is being banded around a lot and as you can tell it fucking irks me. I am all for body confidence and what I would refer to as Size Equality but what I am not chill with is calling one thing ugly as a way of showing support for something else. 

You do not need to subject skinny girls to abuse as a means of showing your support for curvy girls. 

If you are a skinny girl calling a curvy girl ugly, you my friend are: a twat. If you are a curvy girl calling a skinny girl ugly, you also are: a twat. If you are one human being calling another human being ugly, purely based on their looks, to make them feel bad about themselves and/or to show your support for another human being- YOU. ARE. A. FUCKING. TWAT. Is everyone following? If you're being shallow and judgey to anyone, for any reason, you are plainly and simply - a twat. The only person that needs to change is you. Can we all say it together?

 "T W A T", fuck yes. 

The gap between the two ends of healthy according to bmi is usually a matter of 10-15 kilograms, for instance I would be a healthy weight if I weighed anything between 44.4-60.3kg, granted I am a few kilograms shy of the lower end but I know this and am trying my hardest to gain that weight. I eat, honestly if you could see how much food I am capable of consuming and regularly do consume you would wonder how on earth I am so small. I have such a quick metabolism and the foods I eat are good, wholesome nutritious, homecooked meals, although last night I ate a large mixed kebab with all the salad, loads of garlic mayonnaise and too many pickled chillies. I digress, I was trying to segway into a talk about how being healthy is what we should all be aiming for, being super skinny comes with so many cons, just like being big does. As long as you are healthy and not putting strain on your body/system you should love your body. A bit of fat and cellulite isn't ugly or wrong, stretch marks and lose skin aren't anything to be ashamed of, in that same breath hipbones and collarbones aren't disgusting and thigh gaps and a flat stomach aren't repulsive. 

This post came up on my feed 
It had hundreds of likes and comments, so many people agreed with this or found it funny.  

So j-just, just hold on one motherfucking moment, according to those fuckers my weight is DIRECTLY AND INTRINSICALLY connected to my ability to raise my child. So what you rotten treestumps are saying is that I am a bad mum... because I am skinny. Now I have health professionals telling me my son is perfect but you quite obviously know better. I mean with all your collective knowledge from numerous degrees, doctorates and studies. 


I am the best mother I can be to my son. My son is healthy, happy and cared for. Every single professional that has ever come into contact with him has said he is perfect. Every person that has ever met him says he is amazing. So you can go get stuck in the crawlspace of your house and get eaten by cats because fuck you. Fuck you and your fucking shitty opinion. 

Being slim makes me happy. I have never weighed anything more than just over 50kg (thats was just before my son was born) ever in my life. I love super tight jeans, I like having a  flat-ish stomach, I like the body I have when I am about 42-45kg. These are things I like, not because my husband likes it or because a magazine told me thats what I should look like- I like looking the way I do because it looks nice to me and makes me feel comfortable in my own body.  

What makes you happy and is good for you, is what is important. A size is just a number that is sewn into an item of clothing. You are the one living in your body, being out of breath and unable to do most things because you don't have the energy sucks. The more weight I gain, the more I am able to afford time for myself as I use all my energy playing with and raising my son, the more time I get to spend with my husband without being shattered. I sleep better so I'm in a better mood. Just in general I feel healthy - I don't get nosebleeds and migraines when I am a good weight. Being at the hospital for blood tests and keeping food diaries is a fucking drag, having family look at you worried is awful. 

Be healthy. Don't think about being a size 6 with DD tits and "dat ass", don't worry about having collarbones, bikini bridges, thigh gaps and high cheekbones. Pay no mind to the little extra fat on your stomach or the dimples on your butt. Ignore your untoned arms and squishy thighs. Just be healthy, happy and confident in your own skin. 

Ugh. Okay I feel better now. 
What do you think? 


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