Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Tampon Tax?

Okay, so I've seen this a lot on social media and tbh I've never really thought about how things are taxed but after having a little read up I am absolutely infuriated. I'm not going to explain in incase I get it wrong but here this explains it better and gives you a list of things that are taxable and exempt.

So according to this incontinence products are not taxed but maternity pads and sanitary products are... Hang on one motherfucking minute. Incontinence products are basically like nappies... or pads... P A D S. They are basically the same thing! Why are tampons and sanitary towels taxable but adult nappies aren't?

I keep seeing things like "does it really matter?", "how much are you girls gunna save?", I don't know if it's really the point. It's not about the money as much as it is about fairness. Why is it that sanitary products are taxed when condoms aren't?  They are in the same sort of region. Nuts in their shell aren't taxed but nuts without are? It's just so stupid.

Lets just break it down for me:

So every month I buy a box of tampons, a pack of nighttime pads and a box of liners. The tampons cost £2.29, night pads £2.10 and the liners £1.65. I use almost all of them every month. I'll have a few left over but it isn't enough for the next month so I will always have to buy more.

Let me walk you through shark week.

Day one: A really bad nosebleed and that moment when Flyn got stabbed in Tangled but repeatedly plus an impacted wisdom tooth but not in my face... Halp I'm fucking dying. Can I eat everything all at once, also don't look at me like that. I think I'll cry over something that didn't happen and chocolate. Do not ask me to move. Oi husband, I want to do things with you but I can't so I'm annoyed. Also, fuck, fuck them, fuck off, fuck all the fuckers.
(7-10 tampons and liners)

Day two: Sliced my hand whilst chopping veg and I slammed my bike brakes on too hard and hit myself on the handle bars... I may need to go to the hospital. This isn't so bad. Chocolate. Do I smell? Have I bled on everything? Chocolate. At least I'm not pregnant. Chocolate. Hot water bottles are life. Chocolate. Also, fuck off. Chocolate.
(5-7 tampons and liners)

Day three: Cut my leg shaving and I dropped my phone on my face... But it hurts in my abdomen. It is nearly over. I need to buy more chocolate. No. Wait, I don't want anymore chocolate. Also, fuckbucket.
(3-5 tampons and 7 liners)

Day four: Sneezes during a small nose bleed, I may have eaten too much chocolate. You know that random stitch you get in your ribs, that but not in my ribs. Also, fuck you.
(2-3 tampons and 5 liners)

Day five: I brushed my teeth to hard and my gums are bleeding, ow. The end is nigh. I'm okay.
(1-2 tampons and 4 liners)

Day six: What even? It is still happening? Oh wait... Yes. Yes, it is.
(3-5 liners)

Day seven: Oh God. It's finally over. I am free. Master has given Monica freedom.

So per cycle I spend about £6 and every year I spend nearly £80 on not bleeding on everything I love and being hygienic. If it were to not be taxed it would only be about £4 cheaper for me but it's not the point.

It's the concept that not bleeding on everything and being able to carry on normally is somehow luxury when taking time off because of "lady problems" is frowned upon and deemed a cop out, it apparently cost businesses thousands every year, if we didn't have feminine hygiene products we sure as shit wouldn't be able to come into work because we would be bleeding all over the fucking place.

Tampons shouldn't be taxed.

It's not about misogyny or feminism. It's about common sense and fairness.

Women's products tend to cost more than dudes do even when they are almost identical. If the difference seems trivial to you then it shouldn't matter if it cost the same either.

If you can say "is it really a big deal?" then you are pretty much answering your own question. It should cost the same because it isn't a big deal or difference.

If I still lived with my mum, three women in one household- we would be spending £240 a year, that is a big deal. If you just say everyone uses the same kinda thing I use to make it easy, then there are just over 30 million women in the uk that are of average menstruating ages that would be (by my estimate) £720,000,000- £36 million of which (again, by my estimate) would be tax. In individual terms, just speaking per person it seems infinitesimal, but add it up and it's shocking.

Before anyone says anything, I'm not jumping on the feminism band wagon. I'm just thinking logically.

Condoms not being taxed to me doesn't seem like it's in favour of males, chicks buy condoms too. It's not like you have to dress up as a dude to buy condoms, you don't need to show your "I am a man" ID to buy condoms. Anyone can buy condoms, anyone can get them free from clinics, anyone can use them. So how is condoms not being taxed misogynistic? It's not like female condoms and dental dams are taxed, just dick condoms aren't. Most types of contraception are available free in the UK for women and men through the NHS.

The tampon tax is outdated, nonsensical and should be abandoned.

Also, David Cameron saying that he can't change it because of EU ruling is funny as fuck. The UK does as it wants. We all know this.

EU: Greece needs cash. They is broke AF.
UK: Naaaaah, we're good. Soz.
EU: What? You gotta.
UK: Did I fucking stutter?
EU: Umm... Okay.
UK: Laterzzz


Anyways, I'm out.


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