Sunday, 13 March 2016

An Open Letter to Concession Girls

I would like to start by saying that this doesn't apply to all concession MUAs, some of them are lovely. I'm specifically talking to the girls that need to be taken down a few notches.

Why is is whenever I approach a makeup concession stand the girls at the counter all look at me in the most horrible way? Like I shouldn't be there, like I am wasting their precious time. I am not wasting your time darling, unless you aren't being paid to do exactly what I'm asking of you - oh wait you are? Then settle your fucking ass down, Love.

I have never been rude to any member of staff at any store that I have ever been to. It isn't in my nature to be rude to people, especially those I am asking assistance of. There may have been the odd occasion where I haven't put down my phone whilst paying for my stuff or something, but that's more carelessness as oppose to outright rude behaviour, so I don't understand why I am treated this way. I always try to sincerely compliment anyone I interact with or at least make them laugh because most of my friends are in retail and they always tell me about someone who was nice to them and how it made them feel a bit better, plus being nice doesn't cost anything, making someone smile and laugh for a moment into their long day isn't a chore. I rarely leave the house, so the times I do I try to make a small difference to someone, I feel like it's good to spread positivity.

But seriously, I hate going makeup shopping for that reason alone. What is even more infuriating is that if my husband is with me it doesn't happen and they often refer to him and tend to vaguely gesture to me. I've had a few women openly flirt with my husband whilst I'm fucking stood next to him with our child in the pushchair. Bitch, this isn't fucking 'The Women' and you sure as fuck aren't Eva Mendes. Settle your hoe-ass down before I drag you to the scarf section and strangle you with a beautiful little, pastel silk number. I'm not a violent person but if you don't stop batting your stacked lashes or quit trying to hairflip your dry shampoo encrusted hair, I'm gunna get real fucking pissed off soon and it's gunna take a lot more than makeup to fix the damage. Btw my husband doesn't even notice that they are flirting and isn't even sure what is going on until he sees my seething little face, in which case he will walk away with me and take me somewhere else to buy whatever it was we were purchasing because that disrespectful little madam can fuck off.

I have only recently got into makeup and it is a totally foreign world to me, I am tomboy at heart and makeup is fucking fascinating, but I own a few pieces of high end makeup and am looking to purchase more when I finally figure out what colours suit me, I couldn't hoard and collect makeup like other girls, it's not my thing. I would much prefer a collection of vintage car models or rocks. And I just feel like I would rather buy the wrong colour online than approach a concession and that is shame.

I remember once, me and my bebeh were out in town and need to stop for a nursing and changing break so we when into Debenhams because their facilities are always clean and empty and on the way out I heard that the Arch Angels salon downstairs now did the LVL Lash Lift and I had wanted it for ages so I went to go get more information on it. I walked up to the counter and there were about six girls there and they all looked at me like they were Regina George and I was covered in slime, I wanted to fucking run but they were all looking at me and I just couldn't walk away. So, I pulled up my big girl pants and tried to play it cool, I politely inquired about the LVL treatment and the Regina George faces carried on staring at me. I could have cried (but that's not really a big thing I cried because I saw Boris Johnson on TV and once when I was ill my husband tried to take the banana I was hugging from me). One of the girls at the front of the MUA girl band (who's face look like she had been headbutting the testers) swept her eyes over me and told me if I wanted it done I would have to have a skin test done, then there was a pause and they kept staring at me. I asked for infomation about the process and was handed a slip of paper with the treatment name and a website I could visit and then I was dismissed. They all just turned back to each other and went back to their conversation. I felt so little. That was months ago and I still haven't had it done for fear of bursting into tears because some girl may make me feel like I'm not supposed to be there.

I walked away with tears in my eyes.

I still won't shop high end makeup without my husband, I will not do it. The fact that other women do this to fellow women is so fucked up, that fact that these women only treat me like a person why I have a man stood next to me or think that I am an accessory to my partner. You are buying into such a awful ideology. I am a person it doesn't matter whether I have a baby or a partner, I'm a fucking person.

If we want equality we need to start giving it to each other first. It starts with us. If we want men to treat us like people and equals, we need to start pulling each other up and being strengths for one another. Stop judging me for being a young mum. Stop basing your perception of me on whether or not I'm married. Stop thinking you're better than me because we are the same age but I'm not working or in university and you are. Just because you're "contributing to society" and I'm just a stay-at-home-mum.

I don't judge you for the choices you have made because I don't fucking know you. So stop fucking judging me.

Ladies, be nicer to each other. Lend each other hair bands and run the tap when a girl you don't know is peeing. If women were as nice as they are when they are drunk in club toilets we would be a better and stronger generation. Women on women sexism seems to me to be the biggest problem facing equality. The reason feminism is so hard to identify with is because of the type of women that wrongly brand themselves as feminists when really they are sexists too. Women are not better than men, men are not better than women - we are all human and we are all different. There are athletic women and men, sensitive men and women, both genders have sluts, identity is so fluid in this day and age, we all need to be nicer to one another and mind our own fucking business a little bit more.

To the girls at the concession stands that are mean to me, I'd like to say "fuck you" because you are holding women back, you give men a reason to fuck with us because if we are doing it to each other, why the fuck wouldn't someone else.

Be nicer to each other.


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